Russia's Last Tsar

Russia's Last Tsar


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Paul H (au) wrote: Hmmmmm... Do you want your found footage films flowered up like some tv show that looks like it could have Been filmed for location location location?? Look no further than here. Granted there is an eery feel to this movie in as much as you don't know what to expect, however it doesn't give the scares the trailer promises. I counted 2 times where I jumped but that's it. It's good for a cheap evening in but that's it.

Martha B (br) wrote: Dennis Quaid`s final line in the film says it all.

Sean C (it) wrote: You need to watch this...

paul w (br) wrote: Yet again, bad reviews from uneducated viewers will always spark my interest. And this movie is only halfway thru, and im lovin it.

Renee L (gb) wrote: This film would make an excellent Hallmark Channel or Lifetime movie. This doesn't mean it is bad; it's just not very fulfilling. It is pro-adultery, which, while disappointing in itself, is even more disappointing because the two main adulterers are just so perfect together. On the plus-side, the movie dares to be pro-life. Keri Russell is lovely as always, and Nathan Fillion is as delicious as pie. Unsurprisingly, Andy Griffith is the best actor in the movie.

Tyler S (fr) wrote: What starts off as an interesting film, takes a turn into a jumbled mess by trying to overstate the message the movies is trying to make.Robert Deniro seemed strange casting in this role, and really did carry the movie at times.I thought Edward Burns was good here as an arson investigator.Basically 2 crazy Russians go on a strange killing spree and film there every move.Throw in a hot shop cop who is really a reality star played by Deniro and you have a movie glorifying the median obsessions with wanting to show violence for ratings.I felt like the movie didn't know what the hell it wanted to be as the second half evolved.There were surprises and decent action but it was too jumbled.It got really sloppy as it went on and had me scratching my head in the directions it went.

Paul G (de) wrote: One of two films (the other being FAT SLAGS) which define garbage to me, completely unwatchable.

Justin Q (kr) wrote: It was an ok movie but there just wasn't enough. You can tell it was a direct to dvd movie. There just wasn't enough here to keep you into the film all that much. It's interesting but not easy to pay attention to either. Maybe it was the cast or the direction but there isn't enough in this movie to make it any better then an average or ok movie.

Logan M (ca) wrote: "Joy Ride" is enjoyable in spite of its story's uneveness and improbability.

wedstarfish 8 (us) wrote: Known as one of the best projects the Wayan brothers have ever produced, Scary Movie is a very loose parody of horror films such as Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, along with films like The Matrix getting thrown in to get made fun of as well. Being a great film to watch with your friends, it's all crude humor added up with violence for about 90 minutes. It's nothing great, and it's nothing even remembering. It's a fun parody of films that all were well received as cult classics.

Chris S (jp) wrote: Although Not a horrible film, it is a blatant rip off of the movie Red Dawn. The film is decent and not trerribly written, however it lacks the ability to draw you in and make you want more.