Russian Coffee

Russian Coffee

About a man who must betray his country to protect the woman he loves. Revolve around the first introduction of Coffee in Korea.

Depicts the assassination attempt of King Gojong - the 26th king of the Joseon Dynasty. Set towards the end of the 19th century, when coffee was first introduced to Korea, Russian ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimberly D (fr) wrote: omg it was sooo nice movie :) sad tho :(

Lexi E (kr) wrote: Gallner, Belushi, and Morris Shine in Cougars, Inc Teenagers, sex, virginity, and the older woman: these themes have been a staple of movie comedies for several decades. Depending on how these issues are handled can make a movie extremely original or doom them to the bargain bin at the local 7-11. Asher Levin's indie jewel, Cougars, Inc (recently released on PPV and available on DVD and Blu-Ray on May 10th,) is of the former. This movie, which is a fresh and funny twist on the theme of sex, stars the gifted and handsome Kyle Gallner, (Red State, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Haunting in Connecticut,)TV favorite Kathryn Morris, (Cold Case), familiar face Denise Richards, (Blue Mountain State,)and Jim Belushi, (According to Jim,) who steals every scene and whose chemistry with Gallner makes this movie a pure delight to watch. The premise is simple: Sam Lowell, (Gallner,) is a student who has been bounced from private school to private school by his mother, a wealthy model. After being kicked out of many of the schools, Sam ends up at Moore Prepatory Academy in Southern California, where he is instantly taken under the wing of the unconventional headmaster, Dan Fox (Belushi). Sam does well and makes friends with three boys (TV staple Ryan Pinkston and newcomers Carey Alexander and Christian E. Murphy.) Everything goes well until Sam's mother runs out of money, and Sam's education at Moore is threatened. All of this becomes even more complicated when Sam meets Courtney, (Sarah Hyland,) a cynical and mysterious girl in town. While there, he also meets Alison, (Morris) an older woman whose husband has been cheating on her. She and Sam have a blistering one-night stand, and the morning after, Alison leaves Sam a check to help him stay at school. Once his friends find this out, they begin an escort service, catering to Alison and her bored, rich, and lonely married friends, headed up by a funny, loopy, and perpetually inebriated Judy (Richards). While the boys try and raise enough money to keep Sam in school, things become complicated as Sam tries to juggle business, his headmaster's suspicions, and his conflicting feelings about Courtney and Alison. This is Gallner's first turn in a romantic comedy, and his portrayal of Sam is rich, amusing, and very believable. From his first appearance, Gallner skillfully handles his character's layers of cynicism, high intelligence, and sensitivity with ease, shifting from each emotion with little trouble. He also handles moments of humor with the same ease, and his comedic timing, especially in his scenes with Belushi, is spot on. In turn, Belushi shines in this movie, stealing every scene he's in, playing Sam's father figure with both humor and sensitivity. Both Morris and Richards, veteran actresses, play well off each other, and Morris and Gallner have onscreen chemistry that is quite believable. Richards is very amusing in her role as the bored, drunken and wealthy housewife, playing Morris' foil and giving life to the recently-coined word "frenemy." Sarah Hyland's performance is slightly stilted, especially in her first scene, but her subsequent scenes improve; the film's climax proves to be her best bit, although Courtney's role may have been better suited to Rome Shadanloo, who plays Courtney's friend Angie (and has some of the best comedic lines in the film overall, pulling them off with sarcasm and a kind of world-weary cynicism that we should have seen in Hyland's character.) Overall, Cougars, Inc blends an old theme with modern-day issues, and the mix of sexuality, comedy, and romance is a definite home run. This is Asher Levin's first major film, and its simple yet effective camera shots (and an amazing soundtrack that he would do well to release,) put an entirely new, fresh, and funny spin on the world of the never-ending search of sex, love, and individual fulfillment.

Dena S (fr) wrote: Loved the idea of the story, good acting, overall I like it.

Renee R (kr) wrote: Found this movie an enjoyable watch

Yianis P (nl) wrote: If I could only get my hands around the neck of the director, I would slowly choke the life out of him! The incomprehensible ending ruined what could have been a 3 Star Movie.Worth watching a young Asia Argento working her magic in bed, though!

Stacey J (ru) wrote: Love Alyssa Milano Shes Da Best Actress In The World. I Really Want To See All Her Films!

Shane D (us) wrote: Still great. One of Burton's best as it isn't bogged down by the stylistic look & feel that has become synonymous with his films since. Beautiful stuff.

Dave J (br) wrote: Monday, June 20, 2011 (1990) Night Sun (In Italian with English subtitles) PERIOD PIECE DRAMA Gorgeous country side with story centering on an ordinary soldier to a life of monastery living as a hermit, and his effect on other people- almost like a biography! Requires patient viewing with a subtle storyline and interesting historical Italian references, topping it off with gorgeous picturesque countryside! 3 out of 4

Claire T (kr) wrote: I thought this film was ok but I don't think I'll ever watch it again, it was ok but I expected better, Dee Wallace starred in it, I don't want it on DVD, it was ok but could have been a lot better

Darren L (jp) wrote: Good job it was Jodie Foster in the lead otherwise this might have floundered.

Sol E (mx) wrote: Love and tennis! Beatiful

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Young Frankenstein is directed and co-written by Mel Brooks, and it stars Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman, Cloris Leachman, and Teri Garr in a parody film of Frankenstein about a grandson of Dr. Victor Frankenstein that doesn't want any involvement with his grandfather's work, that is until he goes to his grandpa's place to see what he has done. When I saw Gene Wilder's passing, I felt like watching one of his well known films which is this, which when I first saw this movie, I thought it was boring and but only have some chuckle moments, but I was at my teen years at the time, so I wasn't quite getting a grasp of Mel Brooks films. So at second viewing, this is a lot better than I first saw of it. Gene Wilder is great for being the straight man, but when he goes insane, it's a lot of fun to watch. It has a cameo by Gene Hackman who is known for his serious and villainous roles, and he's probably one of the funniest parts of the film. I was relived to see that I didn't need to watch the original film in order to understand the jokes in this as I'm assuming that the serious parts that were in the original film were played in a comedic way that doesn't make fun of the film that was making a parody of. The jokes really work in a very silly way, and the characters are very memorable in a way that they are very funny. It does show that they are making this as a bit of a tribute to the original film as they care very much about it, and probably wanted to be similar to the movie. Young Frankenstein is a classic comedy that is one of Mel Brooks's best.