Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls

Five years after their summer together in Barcelona, Xavier, William, Wendy, Martine and Isabelle reunite.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English,Russian,French,Spanish,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ballet,   dancer,   paris france,  

Five years after their summer together in Barcelona, Xavier, William, Wendy, Martine and Isabelle reunite. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Russian Dolls torrent reviews

Christopher T (ru) wrote: Cute romantic comedy. Didn't even know it existed until Hulu.

Matt R (ru) wrote: Saw it coming a mile away... don't know what all the critics are raving about. Yeah, Nina Hoss is a great actress, but so what.

Flora T (au) wrote: Gosh...! I didn't even knew this movie existed and would not have watched it if I had a choice. Who would have thought a Bollywood theme animation by Disney?!! Typical story, typical plot. Did not quite like it.

Tim M (kr) wrote: Bettis (May) is good as the main character. Hard to top Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Toolbox Murders doesn't come close. For a good apartment complex horror check out Quarantine. One of the best shots of all time, TCM's eyeball shot is surprisingly not replicated here. The score alternates between bad, basic and non-existent. Some good hits, but the vast majority is miss.

EviL F (mx) wrote: giant mosquitos , eating human beings!!! 'cause they bitten alien corpses and mutated into big mosquitos( a vulture's size!!) i wanna see this! BIG RUBBER mosquitos style, be sure to laugh!!!^.^ It must be cheezy but maybe good too?!!

Jeffrey B (mx) wrote: One of the best concert films ever.

Kari K (au) wrote: One of the best and most underrated car chase movies ever made!!

Jeremiah A (gb) wrote: I was awash and adrift with love and sorrow...

Dan H (ca) wrote: This campy, bloody, and demented teen soap opera is one of the more fun times you can have watching a film. The action is top notch, there is gore and blood aplenty, and the soap opera parts are meant to make you laugh (though I felt that there was a little too much soap opera here). Make sure you have some popcorn ready.

Nathan A (it) wrote: Relentlessly scary, and super original.

Farah R (kr) wrote: It's hard to clearly comprehend what is the moral of this bewildering story about a troubled teen.