Russland - Im Reich der Tiger, Bären und Vulkane

Russland - Im Reich der Tiger, Bären und Vulkane


A window into Russia, unknown to Western man, and even to many Russians. "Russia - the largest country in the world. In many of its parts, it remains unknown world full of wonders. Let the world and will continue for the generations that come after us". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Russland - Im Reich der Tiger, Bären und Vulkane torrent reviews

Rangan R (it) wrote: Revenge for a revenge.It is a Danish western revenge flick set in the American soil, so 99 per cent it was in the English language. Well, in my opinion, it is underrated for sure. It was not anything stylish like QT's recent western films, but quite usual presentation yet very majestic. The story takes place in a couple of days in a small town in the 1871. The turnaround in the theme was great. Initially, it leaves an impression of a revenge based tale, but later becomes oil warfare, something quite resembles the original situation of the American at that time.In the last few weeks I have been watching lots of comedies, dramas and other soft themed films, so suddenly I felt too much violence from this. But as always I get used to it after some time in the watch. Great cast and their great performances. The writing was superb along with the settings. I watched it quite late, but the best western I have seen in the recent time, so I strongly recommended for western fans and others who're seeking a fine entertainment.7.5/10

Melissa S (ag) wrote: I walked into this movie with no hopes or expectations, but I had heard good things about it, so I picked it up. What a waste! There was barely any plot, terrible acting, and I somehow ended up hating every single character. I feel like is a movie you need to feel sorry for the main character, but you don't. I just wanted her to die, or get a brain and go to the damn hospital! But hey, if you like ruining something (sex) everyone loves and bad acting, go for it!

Eric L (us) wrote: good movie! not memorable but good ???

Gaelan D (kr) wrote: Everyone talks about (and makes fun) of movies that epitomize art-haus success; maybe they exist but I've never seen one until Otto.Otto is a farce though, it makes fun of excess by being even moreso, and it's excess runs a history of gay and experimental film history.Oh yeah, this movie is a gay zombie movie. Is there some sly equivacation? I don't know. There's a bit of wound-fucking, which is tolerable. There's a lot of dead animal eating, which isn't.

Giulianna E (ag) wrote: interesting. why didn't i ever hear abt it before?

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Cody C (au) wrote: Troy Duffy is a cunt of epic proportions. Watch him destroy everything that was handed to him. It's funny and sad. Could've easily been called Karma: The Movie.

Joseph B (br) wrote: Michael Bay's 1998 film "Armageddon" is sometimes a beautiful film to look at, but unfortunately the film is boggled down by horrible ham performances from most of the cast, an extremely unrealistic scenario, sappy sentimentalism, and jingoistic themes by Bay. Is this the fault of Michael Bay or is it the fault of the script written by at least nine people with only five being credited including J. J. Abrams and additional material written by Robert Towne. The dialogue is hapless and when the actors speak these lines written for them, you can get the sense they don't quite believe what they're saying.You would know a Michael Bay film if you see one. His style is very distinctive. Big budget films loaded with special effects with an emphasis on explosions. His films are fast moving and visual. But they often lack story. His name is used pejoratively to describe films made for thirteen year old boys. His films are not for everyone and they are certainly not for me."Armageddon" involves an asteroid the size of Texas that is on a collission course with Earth and its going to hit in less than 18 days. NASA thinks they could land a crew of astronauts on the asteroid who could drill into the center and drop some explosives in an attempt to break it into relatively smaller pieces that if blown they would pass by the Earth. NASA recruits the best oil rigger, Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) who will only do the mission if he can take up his own men. A motley assortment of roughnecks from all walks of life extremely unsuitable for the severity of this mission. Now these oil riggers have to train for space travel in 12 days. Everything must be condensed and they probably don't understand much of what they were taught and they probably didn't get everything actual astronauts would receive. They are buffonish, but they embody the American working man. Despite the pressures of their mission, these men all agree to save the Earth.There's a bit of a subplot involving Harry's daughter Grace (Liv Tyler) who has been dating A.J. Frost (Ben Affleck) much to Harry's dismay. Why Grace spent most her life on an oil rig is beyond me. Harry and A.J. have a bit of a rivalry and they butt heads constantly, but the issue is always about who Grace loves more, regardless of what they may be arguing about. Harry wants Grace to do better than an oil rigger, because she is better than that. It's just a catalyst for the audience to see how human these characters are and give us something to care about in this long, boring film.At times there is humor, and that humor seems incredibly misplaced. When these oil riggers are training and should be taking things seriously, they are laughing and fooling around. The Earth is about to be destroyed in a week or more and they have so much to learn. Is this a way of dealing with the stress of the mission? Possibly. But at this short notice, this is the best NASA can do.There are many problems with this film, but what I can't understand is why the mission isn't an international mission involving the best and brightest from many countries with space programs. It just seems incredibly jingoistic and arrogant that it's working class Americans who will save the Earth. There are exciting moments in the film, but they are so hard to follow with the editing and camera moving around so much. Overall, this is a film surely to delight people not looking for anything much more than some eye candy infused with patriotism and ideas of self-sacrifice.

Victoria K (br) wrote: want to see this one

PrincesseTiah K (ca) wrote: Shakti est un mot vdique qui signifie puissance. C'est galement le nom de l'pouse d'Indra, dieu d'un paradis-univers (loka) chez les hindous.Par extension, la shakti dsigne l'nergie dynamique fminine, ou principe actif, des divinits du panthon indien, le principe mle devenant passif dans son rle de semence ou d'essence. Ceci est mettre en corrlation avec la dualit Purusha/Prakriti de la philosophie du Samkhya.Dans le tantrisme, la shakti est identifie la kundalin, desse-serpent existant dans le corps de chaque tre humain la base du sacrum, et dont l'veil prlude la dlivrance, moksha, par son union Shiva la pointe du crne. Dans ce contexte, certaines Upanishad la dcrivent comme pardre de Shiva.Ainsi, dans l'hindouisme, le mot shakti revt les sens suivants : "1) puissance, force, nergie ; 2) pouvoir divin, force consciente du Divin ; 3) manifestation d'un pouvoir de la Conscience et de la Force suprmes (selon shr Aurobindo) ; 5) la Mre divine, source de tout pouvoir ; 6) Pardre et Puissance de manifestation et d'action d'un Dieu particulier, reprsente comme une Desse".[1]C'est la fusion totale des deux entits, masculine et fminine, fusion physique, mentale et spirituelle, qui permet l'accs l'nergie suprme, la conscience et la srnit. La reprsentation en deux entits distinctes de Shiva et de Parvati, qui semblent au non-initi tre simplement une scne de sexe n'est en fait que la reprsentation de la fusion des principes masculin et fminin, qui seuls donnent accs la conscience et l'nergie suprmes.Shakti (devanagari : ???, nastaliq: ?, litt. Force )Nandini et Shekhar vivent au Canada. Ils sont amis de longue date. Sur les conseils de son oncle, Nandini accepte d??pouser Shekhar. Ils sont heureux et ils ont un petit garon, Raja.Un jour Shekhar apprend par les infos tlviss que de violents troubles ont lieu en Inde. Il dcide de s??y rendre. Nandini apprend ce moment-l que son mari a de la famille en Inde et qu??il ne lui en avait jamais parl.Ils partent tous les trois pour l??Inde. C??est la premire fois que Nandini dcouvre ce pays.Arriv au sein de la famille de son mari, Nandini est choque par le comportement de son beau pre Narasimha. C??est un vrai mafieux qui dirige sa famille et sa communaut comme un despote. Il a de nombreux ennemis. Son fils ain d??ailleurs est mort assassin. Il n??accorde que peu d??attention sa belle fille, mais il est ravi d??avoir un petit fils.Nandini trs mal l??aise dans cet environnement o les femmes sont ignores, souhaite rentrer au Canada. Shekhar le lui promet, seulement aprs avoir tenter de ramener la paix. Mais il est lui-mme assassin.Nandini folle de douleur dcide de repartir. Mais Narasimha refuse et la squestre. Il veut lever Raja comme doit l??tre un vrais guerrier qui vengera sa famille.Nandini tente plusieurs fois de s??chapper, mais elle est rattrape et roue de coups. Une nuit, sa belle mre et sa belle s?ur vont l??aider s??enfuir. Alors commence pour Nandini et son fils un long priple travers le pays pour retrouver la libert.Ma critique: Trop long et quelques scnes "too much"

Mike S (es) wrote: Lousy follow-up to "In the Heat of the Night." Bad script, bad directing, and bad acting.

Mark S (us) wrote: A great directorial debut from Woody Allen; his past as a stand-up is still very much evident here, with one-liners coming thick and fast and this being essentially only about laughs, many of which are provided.

Jrme V (nl) wrote: Curse of the Werewolf is another Hammer gem, albeit one very different than from their usual horror outing. Indeed, Hammer??s sole venture in Wolfman (which, after viewing this, is a shame) territory is more interested in its moral thematic than with its titular creature??s rampage. Because of that, people waiting for another hyperactive Dracula or Frankenstein may be taken aback. But rest assured that the results are quite rewarding nonetheless for the patient viewer. The use of Lycanthropy as a disease of the soul is a refreshing concept in the werewolf mythos; because of that, writers of Curse wrote something that stays closer to the psychological side of drama than to the horror itself. This is not to say that there is no horror at all. Of course, this is a Hammer film and there is some murder pieces (some of them quite disturbing) and plenty of blood for those horror fans out there. It??s just that, in general, the movie have a very different feeling than the previous Hammer flicks. The preamble, which explain where comes the said curse, is quite nice, a little unpredictable and deliciously evil (in fact, it??s one of the best I??ve seen in a long time and well acted too). It must be said that Hammer studios never refrained to use evil as it is: there is no subtlety in a Fisher movie: the evils are quite evils and the good are absolutely good. Terrence Fisher (yes, he is still at the helm, here) must be recognize again as a hero of this film. Again, he handle with great care all action pieces and his sense of drama are put to effective uses here. The fact that the werewolf is truly revealed only near the climax is a nice touch that helps preserve the mystic of the creature. Production designs, always one of the main forces of a Hammer film, are nothing short of gorgeous and this sets of an old Spain are among the most beautiful to come out of the English fabled studio. The true hero of the film is, of course, Oliver ??Gladiator?? Reed in the titular character. Dark and handsome, he is the perfect victim of fate and he never venture too heavily in melodrama (a sure sign of his burgeoning talent at the time). He puts in his characters the right touches of sadness and passion. This could only lead audience to really care for him. Yet, when he does transform, he is a real beast, a true devil on a killing rampage. Usually forgotten by most people who tends to see only Curse of Frankenstein or Horror of Dracula, the two main films from Hammer, as worthy, Curse of the Werewolf should have a claim as an equal, a true gem and one of the most original movie to ever come out of the Hammer studio?

Christina K (es) wrote: A movie experience I am not likely to forget and I have seen (and forgotten) many, many Western Movies. Quiet, strong, haunting and magnificent.

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Russland - Im Reich der Tiger, Bären und Vulkane torrent

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