Rusty Knife

Rusty Knife

Two friends who witnessed an organized crime murder are threatened by the local mob into keeping quiet.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   journalist,   murder,  

Udaka is a new, post-war city where corruption has already taken hold. A persistent district attorney wants to arrest and convict Katsumata, a laughing, self-confident thug. The D.A. gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric B (ru) wrote: Wow. Ms. Kroot hit a home run here. Incredibly moving tribute to a man who is VASTLY more than an iconic TV character, more than a wildly popular Facebook "friend", more than an activist who made impact after impact on a number of issues that millions, more than a civic leader. Takei is a Magician, and Ms. Kroot captured that magic vividly.

Corby T (jp) wrote: This film is around an hour long, but I feel the first 25 minutes are a complete waste of time, as There was no real character building or setup. All characters were blank slates with no personalities or treats. There were also several shots where a character reacts to things they see in the woods, but for the life of me, I could not see what was making them so scared. All I could see was lovely shots of trees. There may have been movement or shadows in the shot, but it was not overtly obvious. At about 30 minutes into the film things started to get interesting. The plots started to speed up and there were a few unforeseen twists. There were one or two jumpy moments in the film, but not enough in my opinion to be classed as a horror. The ending was unexpected but good. As an audience, we did not get to know the two female characters, seems they were meat bag destined to die and that's a shame.

Timm S (nl) wrote: The French Guy Reminded Me Of Donkey From Shrek, While Banksy Was His Calming Influence..Whom With Good Reason, Eventually Gave Up & Moved On. The Facinating Thing About Art, (Music, Movies, Photos Or Pictures) Is As An Artist, You Work On Your Craft To Then Get To The Head Of The (Genre) Pack, But Once You're There, Staying There (Leading The Way) Is An Artform In Itself.

James L (ag) wrote: Well done book adaptation with just a little less intrigue than the novel.

Greg W (gb) wrote: ok rom-com remake of the french 'cousin cousine'

David L (de) wrote: After the strange story of Halloween 3 comes a welcome return for Michael Myers, the true iconic figure of this film series. In this edition, we're back to basics and in typical horror style. We've got the psychotic killer that never dies on the loose, the female lead who should prove easy to kill, but never does, the eerie soundtrack, the topless female (who usually dies a horrid death), and a wealth of random actors that are only cast to get butchered. This is all we want from these movies and we have it aplenty here. There's still a real presence from Michael Myers that puts him right up there as one of the best villains in cinema, he doesn't say a word, yet is as menacing as ever. Whether it's the costume, the music, the superhuman strength, or the ability to jump out at scare at any given moment, these movies just creep me out every time. In this particular version, he wakes up from the coma he fell into after Halloween 2, and goes in search of his little niece. Of course he can't go from A to B as simply as that, and he manages to find the longest route in order to showcase the talents he has at slaughtering members of the town. My particular favourite is opting not to shoot someone after obtaining a shotgun, but instead impaling them on it, despite it being the bluntest object known to man - guess that makes it just all that more horrific. There is a particular reference to demonic possession in this concept which I've never picked up on in previous films so the ending was quite original, unpredictable, and well worked in my eyes. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting this to be quite as well thought out, but I guess you don't get the rights to become a legendary horror without thinking outside the box every now and then. Great film, from a classic series.

Luke G (kr) wrote: Just plain horrible on possibly every level.

Wil R (ag) wrote: I couldn't get interested in it.

James H (ag) wrote: 7.5/10. I has always found this film fascinating. First, Charles Bronson in a French thriller, that is fascinating in itself, and the film has an amazing atmosphere and a hauntingly beautiful performance from Marlene Jobert, there is just something amazing about her. Suspenseful, unusual and I was never ever bored. A unique and wonderful film experience. Great score, fine direction.

G S (us) wrote: Nothing special or outstanding in this film. Two men on an adventure carrying around a cupboard. There is a great shot at the beginning with the men emerging out of the ocean with the cupboard and another great shot at the end when the men walk around a child who is filling the visible beach with little sand castles with his bucket. They then go back into the ocean. Nothing too notable in between besides some mindless violence. More of an learning exercise, than a real attempt at a film.

Maria A (au) wrote: very interesting...the plot line switches constantly...but the eyecandy is good...nice rectus abdominus

bill s (jp) wrote: This is one of the best docs ever made and the best movie of 94'.

Alex W (it) wrote: Hah! Ok, here we go. There's a dead artist trapped behind a painting hanging over a bed that literally eats people. Well, not just people, but pretty much anything. Including fried chicken, wine, apples, even pepto-bismol for when it gets indigestion, lol. The premise is absolutely rediculous as I'm sure you can imagine. Anyway, this bed, when its done eating people gives the artist gifts, such as rings, necklaces & cigarettes from it's victims. There's something to do with a demon tree that turned into wind as well, but I had pretty much lost interest by then. Apparently Rob Zombie has been confirmed to direct the sequel, starring Miley Cyrus in 2011. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!! Gets one star for being such a weird f*cking film!

Zander B (gb) wrote: 3.7/5 is my rating, but I rounded it to a 4/5.Quick little notation before the review. Monty Oum passed away exactly one year ago today (1/1/2016). Monty was instrumental in animating Rooster Teeth's show Red vs. Blue and even created another show for them called RWBY. Before my screening of the film, we had a moment of silence for him. It was truly amazing to see a room full of fans take a moment of silence for such an amazing person.Going into Lazer Team, I wasn't expecting much but at least a few laughs knowing the creators behind the film. The reason for this is because I wasn't sure if the cast could hold their own or if the writers could write a decent story for an 1 hour and 42 minute film.If you're a Rooster Teeth (RT) fan, you'll notice several familiar faces as well as nods to content Rooster Teeth has made. The main cast of Lazer Team works for RT so, like I've said before, if you're a fan, you'll recognize them. Now this is a good and bad thing because these four (Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, and Colton Dunn) have to carry a movie on their shoulders. Thankfully all four gave good performances, but Burnie's was definitely the weakest out of the bunch. Don't get me wrong, he had some good dialogue but there were just a few spots that took me out of the film a bit.If you're not an RT fan, you most likely will not care too much for the film, but Lazer Team was made and funded for and by fans. Regardless, I think that the film will be alright without liked RT, but liking and knowing RT helps a lot.