A family comedy about a 7-year-old boy, who's a devoted viking fan.

A family comedy about a 7-year-old boy, who's a devoted viking fan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zachary G (it) wrote: An amazing joy ride of a movie with drama, comedy, and romance.

Mike M (ag) wrote: Arrives unfurnished by context or commentary, and its success as cinema may depend upon the extent to which Kiefer's art speaks to you personally. Some have found this deeply, laudably Teutonic in its seriousness; with its sinister corridors featuring enigmatic pencil scrawls on the walls, it struck this viewer as halfway between an avant-garde reappropriation of Michael Jackson's Neverland and the subterranean labyrinths of the "Saw" features, only with fewer hidden mantraps. Either way, it's pretty hermetic, creepy, even: you certainly wouldn't want to be stuck there at night... I was reminded of Godard's line about films on television being reproductions of films, rather than the films themselves; it stands to reason that filmed works of art are reproductions of artworks, and therefore no substitute for an encounter with the real thing, before which you might very well have an entirely different reaction to the one Fiennes nudges you towards with her framing and (over)use of (loud, atonal) music. The DVD at least allows you to mute the Ligeti, but the remainder can only work on the big screen - not only because it would allow you to better appreciate the true scale of Kiefer's transformative endeavours, but also as it'd prevent you from drifting off to consider more immediate and practical matters, such as what you yourself are going to make out of that pile of washing and ironing sitting in the corner of the room.

Monet J (gb) wrote: It was better than i thought. Very emotional. I liked it alot!

Paul C (ru) wrote: ultra low-budget spooker that fails to spook. Paul Chambers, CNN.

Ellis W (ca) wrote: I marked this score of Kaoru Wada's because it is my second favorite work of his, but the movie not so much.

Ludovic R (fr) wrote: Excellent film a forte connotation belge, un pure rgal.

Andr D (it) wrote: Gary David Goldberg, el creador de la serie de television "Family Ties", debuta como director en esta cinta llena de lagrimas en el que tres generaciones se encuentran: el abuelo (interpretado por el gran Jack Lemmon), el hijo (Ted Danson) y el nieto (Ethan Hawke) discuten sobre la vida, la muerte, el amor, el perdon y la falta de comunicacion. Algunos diran que es un drama insufrible. Otros diran (como yo) que es una pelicula que logra llegar al corazon. Usted decida.

arif b (es) wrote: kurgusu dikkat cekici.

Gerrie B (es) wrote: excelant mivie. to badthere arent movies lkike this today

Jennifer P (gb) wrote: A drama in an exotic locale. It sucked me in.

Jabbas P (br) wrote: severely underrated , yes the book was better but isn't it always with Stephen King

Nket Cansn (jp) wrote: yaln?z o sleyman demirel...

Guti H (nl) wrote: Freakin' funny movie featuring an excellent use of the Queen classic