Rys vykhodit na tropu

Rys vykhodit na tropu


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Rys vykhodit na tropu torrent reviews

The N (gb) wrote: tiene unas partes de miedo, pero de ah la historia es psima.

Nilesh J (es) wrote: A fun movie - wholly predictable but enjoyable nonetheless due to a series of cute anecdotes. Alia is a revelation.

Eman S (kr) wrote: its an alright movie its worth wathing

Rita B (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this small film. It was not epic, nor was it meant to be. It had humor, warmth, and enough real life truths to keep both my and my husband's interest throughout. Themes of changing society, life transitions, disappointment, economic woes, burnout, downsizing, and relationship loss were lightly touched upon with an over all resilient outlook. I liked that Hanks played a middle aged man with real life experience returning to college when he was downsized due to bias that his life experience was inferior to a college diploma. The touch of truth is that non-traditional students are usually the best because they are the most passionate learners. All the characters added something to the story. It was formulaic in that you knew what would happen, but that did not detract (at least for me) from the charm of this little story. I don't know why I am in the minority, but I liked it very much.

Aleks C (au) wrote: Even Fairuza Balk couldn't keep me awake.

Nicholas W (es) wrote: Drug Dealers in London. It was alright.

Isaac C (gb) wrote: Disturbing and frightfully realistic

Brittany B (nl) wrote: It was inspirational.

James F (fr) wrote: ok movie kinda funny. quite dumb.

Dread L (ru) wrote: nice movie for the family

PJ V (it) wrote: My all time favourite with action, dance scene and violence to top it all. It took place in LA as where Indian Bankrobbers would try to pull the best heist crime.

Thomas K (es) wrote: Great story, superb acting, haunting visualsThis story of a friendship that crosses gender, age and social boundaries is captivating right fom the start. It's so good that when I first saw it on FilmFour I switched over immediately to watch it again on FilmFour+1.Mischa Barton gives one of the best child performances ever and Sam Rockwell is also outstanding.What makes this film so different, however, are the imaginative style and the multilayered characters, the haunting images that will stay with you for a long time and the superb ending.Unfortunately there are no worthwhile extras on the DVD but hey, it's a great film...My advice: Watch it and watch it again!

Claire T (mx) wrote: This film I thought was an good movie, It starred Nick Holte and Martin Short, want it on DVD, it was a good film, it also starred James Earl Jones( Mufasa and the Darth Vader (Voice), it was a great film

Roddey N (au) wrote: No, not as great as these people are going on about. This thing won every award in 73. I do not see why.

Glen O (ag) wrote: This above average war film is one of the most influential films about the War in the Pacific establishing many of the themes that will reoccur in later films on the same subject. The intercutting of real footage adds to the realism though the obvious change in film stock is jarring. The first part of the film is fairly run of the mill but the two beach landings, the second culminating in the famous flag raising, are very well constructed. Ethnic minorities among the American troops are treated with respect and there are positive portrayals of Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faith. John Wayne was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of hard bitten Sgt Stryker both loved and hated by his men. While there are some layers to the character it's no surprise that he lost to his co-star as it's Wayne's usual workmanlike performance without being particularly brilliant. Ultimately this is a propaganda film but one of a fairly high order.

Danny S (ca) wrote: Movie creeped me out as a teenager.