Så olika

Så olika


"Så olika" is a comedy about love, evolving around two sisters. It's about falling madly in love with your worst enemy, about people meeting despite being complete opposites. It's about love conquers all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larry Y (au) wrote: got it on a cheap dvd compilation at Sears

Andrew L (us) wrote: Amazing movie, probably the best alien abduction movie I've seen to date, not the best acting and it takes a while to get going, but the abductions and aliens were well done.

Tomas T (es) wrote: 1976 Buenos Aires in Argentine under the argentine militaryjunta rule, the journalist (Emma Thompson) becomes arrested and taken away , her man (A.Banderas) start to serch for her. Banderas character uses a paranormal sense in his serch for her, this nearly spoils the film. Better for the if the film and the story if this was excluded. A rather good film.

Ally C (ru) wrote: Has NO ONE read the book Firestarter by Stephen King? John Rainbird DIES in the book n although he was powerful in the book, he didn't LEAD the gropu that is after Charlie at all.

Kayleigh B (fr) wrote: A more updated version of the film High Society. Very funny in places, Makes you laugh out loud. Colin Firth as the stirring nephew is brilliant.

Eytan D (fr) wrote: Though it doesn't have as much intensity as director Guillermo del Toro's other works, like "Pan's Labyrinth" and "The Devil's Backbone", "Mimic" is a fun B-grade type of creature feature that rallies up a good cast (Mira Sorvino is great, as always), a sense of mood, and in the case of those who hate bugs, a big case of the squirms.

Ms Amanda J (au) wrote: River finally gets to play a normal teenager. He drives, has a girlfriend, and goes to pubs to hang out with Sidney Poitier. Only wait! His parents are Russian spies. This didn't grab me and was very forgettable. All of River Phoenix's movies were considered to be treasures in my eyes when I first became a fan so I do pay respect to this as a film that starred my idol. Other than that, this is a miss.

Private U (nl) wrote: a movie that i enjoyed in my youth, but now i'm not so sure i'd be able to watch the whole thing. yet, i recommend it!

Brendan M (ag) wrote: Something about this simple movie just makes it great....I remember watching it growing up and enjoying it too. Easy movie to enjoy

Mr K (ru) wrote: Jerry Lewis - The Ladies Man (1961)

Anders A (ru) wrote: Burt playing a strong-willed man, not due to live in the normal society. Long after his imprisonment, he finds a hurt bird in the courtyard, this changes his life. Going all in to the world of birds, he crates a universe, where he has a meaning, a mission.