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Sa pagitan ng langit


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Becca A (jp) wrote: This little war makes everything uncertain...

Aaron C (de) wrote: Disturbingly heartbreaking yet all the more compelling for it, Blue Valentine examines the brutally honest messiness of love with this complex portrait of 2 young people and their relationship as it evolves and then devolves, and it's extremely well-acted by the two stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.

David J (kr) wrote: "Stardust" is, indeed, magical, but I never felt particularly immersed in the story.

Nick F (au) wrote: Horrible acting from Juliet Binoche, don't think she understood the role at all. It seemed overly sentimental and un-believeable, whereas the purpose was to create an emotional bond between audience and actor. The only actor worth his salt in this film was Ray Winstone. Antony Minghella, whose previous successes should not be forgotten, approaches this drama from a bourgeois position. The stakes are never high enough in comfortable middle-class lives like this for me to care about the outcome and invest in the characters.

Daine V (us) wrote: intense documentary about civil fighting in an area of columbia. as the camera follows three different people, you get three completely different outlooks on life in a world where you may not see the next day.

Kayla A (us) wrote: I am a 14 year old and in my english class i had to write a response essay to the movie and when structuring it i realised the amount of violence and sexual references that are made during the movie as well as the bad language that is used and the the amount of drugs and alcohol, though others may think this movie is inappropriate and is not for teens it is a movie that the majority of teens have seen and know and would understand and probably even like, it has a strong moral point and is an emotional movie which makes you think, this is a movie i would recommend for 15 and older even though 13 year olds may understand it and enjoy it it is it something that should be seen so young so i would recommend this for 15 and older

Lisa W (ca) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Still ball my head off after seeing it at least 30 times.

Terri H (au) wrote: No thanks - Not interested

Nicola W (nl) wrote: Goldie Hawn is brilliant, she just makes me laugh looking at her. Not a bad film seeing as its now 30 years old. I'm sure it was better in the 80s tho, it might of got 4 stars back then :)

Fred M (au) wrote: El resentimiento por las malas experiencias le han impreso en el rostro una expresin de vulnerabilidad, que la confusin hace virar a una rabia contenida que no sabe canalizar. La mujer con la que se hizo ilusiones lo convoca porque no le queda de otra, tiene que poner en sus manos una responsabilidad compartida de la que sin embargo no piensa hacerse cargo ella. En el calor de la estufa ve su vocacin frustrada, una vida posible que lo hubiera llevado a conocer a la mujer que idealiza, que no es la perra que lo utiliza ni la vecina de enfrente que est fuera de su alcance. El mundo es desolado, su mente un planeta cavernoso e infranqueable que lo gobierna un enfermo que no es su amigo. En una genial secuencia de pesadillas se convierte a plenitud en el monstruo de sus responsabilidades. No hay lugar para su cabeza, que se le revela como materia prima ideal para fabricar borradores: un instrumento del olvido, que busca eliminar una realidad hacia la cual se siente alienado. 9/10: Fascinante.

Devin W (jp) wrote: I enjoy Coffy much more that Pam Grier's more notable work Foxy Brown.

Miguel P (it) wrote: No deberan haber hecho la secuela, pero la cancin little black dress mola

Daniell R (br) wrote: Desculpa, eu sou f de Elvis. Mas j basta "O Seresteiro de Acapulco" e "Garotas, Garotas e Mais Garotas". O resto, eu dispenso - Elvis era bom mesmo cantando.

David L (ru) wrote: The film begins back in the same lagoon where the creature was left at the end of the last film. The same local captain has agreed to take some idiots from America to capture the creature. Now considering how scared this captain was and how he lost several crew members in the last film, it's amazing that he'd once again take such a risk--especially since all he does is complain about this! Quite surprisingly, the monster is actually captured relatively quickly and most of the film actually takes place in and around Marineland in Florida (near St. Augustine). Seeing this "thing" in a giant aquarium as gawking stand about is a bit surreal, but once he escapes (a must for the film), things heat up considerably.Along for the ride are a behavioral scientist (John Agar) and the requisite "babe", the hot grad student and ichthyologist played by Lori Nelson. Both of them work with the creature trying to determine its intelligence and trainability--though the methods did seem a bit cruel. So, when the Creature breaks free, I found myself rooting for it--a real plus in a monster film when you have sympathy for the object of so much terror.As for Agar, he has a terrible reputation as an actor, but he was quite competent here.There are a couple of things viewers might want to look out for. First, it's pretty obvious that there are two different people playing the Creature if you try to spot the differences. In the underwater scenes, the guy inside this complex suit is skinnier and on land he's chunkier--perhaps so he can carry about the "screaming hot babe" required by such films. Second, it's also pretty obvious that this was originally a 3-D film---as the monster and arms and all kinds of stuff come hurtling at the camera. While it isn't hokey, it is noticeable.Overall, a nice higher budget horror film that excels in practically every way. The only negatives are that it's a sequel (in other words, it loses a point for originality) and occasionally the characters do act a bit dumb--but this can be forgiven since it's still a vastly superior film to the sort of schlock horror that was so common in the 50s.

Lucas M (es) wrote: A surrealist portrait, characters lost and visually innovative, a ride to a psychdelic, coloful and Las Vegas from Hunter S. Thompson. Fear and Loathing is great. Fresh.

Jamie C (au) wrote: After Avengers raised the bar very high we expect allot from the solo films and I must admit I was kind of hoping for abit more from this film, Not to say that it's a bad film because it isn't, It's really good, It just could of been better, The 3D wasn't great, The effects were fantastic as always, All the cast were at their best, The story was kind of confusing sometimes, The action scenes where I expected it to shine were good but nothing to get excited about, Overall it's a great film just a little under par of what I expected, And not as good as the first Thor movie.

Ryan S (es) wrote: 3.5/5. Although the shorts are uneven in quality, only one of them is outright bad. The rest range from interesting to really great and terrifying. 100% worth a watch.