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Saahasam torrent reviews

Wu C (ru) wrote: Proudly Canadian,but it's not that good. If you loved the original, you will most likely like this one too.

Zane E (gb) wrote: There have been worse 8 Tales to Die For. This one was decently directed, but the storyline was kind of dumb and the acting was sub-par. I don't know. It just didn't really interest me. Plus, the ending was ridiculously stupid and abrupt.

Thomas M (fr) wrote: Hey, I signed up to watch Isabelle Huppert struggle against the odds as her family's farm crumbles in Africa, and that's what I got. But does so much of the movie have to be her silently walking across beautiful backgrounds? This is the case of a movie begging for a book adaptation.

Dani P (nl) wrote: The characters are quite interesting and the cast plays them powerfully. On the other hand, even being a very funny film, Dikkenek is bizarre and I can't see a great story here. The plot is confuse and nonsense too. It's a shame because I really loved the actors.

Alex S (us) wrote: Movies like Volver aren't usually my favorite, but Volver is a technically brilliant movie, filled with colors and beautiful imagery. Penelope Cruz gives a very emotionally complex performance and although some moments are melodramatic, Volver is able to overcome those with an all-around very well-made movie

Kevin D (es) wrote: Lazily conceived and thoroughly shitty, which is what one would expect from a movie where Ron Jeremy kills cheerleaders and wears a welding mask.

Liam L (es) wrote: If your into bikes or your a petrolhead you'll love this.

Matthew S (mx) wrote: If you are one of those people under the mistaken assumption that the world is more dangerous than ever before, watching this film might damage your fragile mind.

Anna Q (it) wrote: Is it wrong that I'm jealous of Wesley Snipes' legs?

Adam R (es) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Kevin M (jp) wrote: my second favorite western of all time. loaded with meaningful scenes relatable to life experiences and human nature

Jenna G (ru) wrote: Love Poitier of course, but his scenes with Rod Steiger are my favorite thing about this. Great movie.