Orphaned, poor, and handicapped Aman is befriended by rich and wealthy Akash Verma in his childhood. Akash introduces Aman to his parents, Rajiv and Kamla, and they adopt him and give him their family name. Akash and Aman grow up as brothers with a lot similar habits and characteristics, save that while Akash is a womanizer, Aman is not. Aman gets to writing poems under the name of Sagar, which gets published, and he gets very popular. One of his fans is a young woman by the name of Pooja Saxena, and they correspond with each other over the next few months. Akash meets Pooja and falls head over heels in love with her. When Aman comes to know this, he asks Akash to pose as Saagar, which he does, and both Pooja and Akash fall in love with each other, while a heartbroken Aman looks on, as he knows that although women may like his poems, but will anyone come out openly to love him when they see his handicap?

Aman (Sanjay Dutt) is a poor, handicapped orphan who is befriended by wealthy Akash Verma (Salman Khan) during his childhood. Akash's parents adopt him and give him their family name, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan G (fr) wrote: Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand has good chemistry, and there are some funny moments, but some moments really drag on and make this movie feel longer than 95 minutes B+

cli o (nl) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Adam S (kr) wrote: This reminded me of "My Girl" with a fantasy element and the humor replaced with more melancholy.

Brent L (ca) wrote: Absolutely Hilarious

Gwennily B (es) wrote: My favourite movie! A real masterpiece!

Blake P (it) wrote: Even though I'm one of Jean-Luc Godard's biggest fans, for me it's easy to say that, "La Chinoise" is one of his most pretentious and boring films. While many of his artistic sensibilities are still on display, and on many instances the film itself looks like a work of art, it often, if not always make the film worse. Using paint for blood, and pop art letters for film "parts" usually is charming, but here it's tiring. His goal is to make a social satire, and it's obvious that he was a strong supporter of Maoism, and honestly, it's infuriating. It's not necessarily offensive, but the film often instead feels like a self-pleasing, semi-documentary, and by the forty-five minute mark it's almost too much to stand. I love his films, especially "Pierrot le Fou" and "Alphaville", but "La Chinoise", often marked as the beginning of his "film essays" just isn't anything great. We follow three philosophy students, Veronique (Anne Wiazemsky), Yvonne (Juliet Berto), and Guillame (Jean-Pierre Leaud), who all support the Maoism cause, having daily meetings. But even with their day to day examinations of the cause, it becomes more and more clear that everyone involved truly doesn't understand what they're advocating. Maybe it's supposed to be funny, but "La Chinoise" fails on many levels. All of the actors are wooden, doing nothing but appearing as fixtures and acting as the guinea pigs of weird camera angles and odd lines. In his early days, Godard experimented with bits and pieces of "pop art" like this, but then it was charming and interesting. This film acts as those bits and pieces as one film, and that's its downfall. "La Chinoise" is uninteresting, pretentious, and cloying. Godard hasn't made many bad films, but this is one of them.

Greg W (mx) wrote: blew me away just like its sister pic 'branded to kill'

David L (es) wrote: Tom Jones certainly has technically interesting peculiarities (specifically breaking the forth wall aspect plus the silent beginning is a nice touch) and is an entertaining watch, but it is a movie made for rednecks thanks to a very rude and sexually obsessed story, a very unlikable lead, dated source material and a lack of interesting characters leading to what is arguably the weirdest Best Picture winner to date.

Brandan W (gb) wrote: I Want to Live was a film from it's inception was guaranteed to create controversy. There are all kinds of opinions about the death penalty and it's application all over the world. Barbara Graham's story, so fresh in the minds of the movie going public in 1958, was going to be a source of controversy.Did she actually kill the widow Monahan? The film cleverly sidesteps that issue in the screenplay. What exactly was Graham's role in the botched robbery? All the people who could actually tell us are dead. Should a woman be subject to capital punishment. Ethel Rosenberg went to the electric chair on less evidence than Graham and for a crime that was not a homicide.But all these questions aside, there is one absolute in this film. Susan Hayward gave a performance that must have been inspired by the angels. From the first half of the film dealing with her early life, the homicide she was charged with until the second half covering her sentence and her attempts to avoid the gas chamber, Hayward will keep you glued to your seat.I can't imagine another actress in this part. She of course was the Best Actress for 1958, but in my lifetime only Hillary Swank in her role in Boys Don't Cry was the Oscar ever conceded before the envelope was opened at the ceremony. EVERYONE knew that both Hayward and Swank were winners going in, that's how good both of them were.Susan Hayward was simply the best at her job. She had a number of great parts in Fifties and a few clinkers at the height of her career. But to get the Oscar for the part that was her signature role, made the ceremonies in 1959 a great occasion.She's got a good cast of supporting players in I Want to Live, Simon Oakland, Theodore Bikel, Wesley Lau, Phillip Coolidge. But it is Hayward's film totally.A part like Barbara Graham given to an actress like Susan Hayward only comes along once or twice in a lifetime. Don't miss this one, however you feel about capital punishment.

bob w (gb) wrote: while it's no tora tora tora, the film does a respectable job of depicting the essence of the battle. hestons'character insinuating hisself into all of the juicy tactical and strategic aspects of the event is a bit offputting but helps carry the story along. the sore point for me was his crash landing; after doing a fairly creditable job of emulating the wwii navies, both american and japanese, footage of a navy panther or phantom jet, circa 1950's was used, e.g., using a bactrian camel in lawrence of arabia.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 1/20/2016: A pretty good movie with an excellent cast. An interesting murder mystery story with some twists.