Expressionistic psychodrama about old age, fading idealism and political corruption.

An old couple lend a room on rent after recent death of the bread earner of the family, their only son. A budding actress starts living with them, who is in love with a local politician's only son. The movie shows what later ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saaransh torrent reviews

Kathleen C (mx) wrote: Love this though the book is better, seen it several times now.

Matthew F (us) wrote: Tired of the usual family Christmas junk? This one is fun and clever. It had me and my kids in stitches. Highly recommended!

James H (ca) wrote: Not as bad as I was expecting, but it's still not very good. The score was unusually poor, the acting expectedly below par, as were the special effects. Low budget rip-off.

Adam F (nl) wrote: "Soul Plane" is an incredibly unfunny, incredibly racist excuse for comedy with no plot and lazy gags. The movie degrades women and shows them all as having no ambitions or desires besides having sex with black men (without even having the guts to show any male or female nudity in an R rated comedy aimed at teens) and depicts all men as stupid or incompetent. The film makers idea of a joke is constantly throwing stereotypes at the screen and it gets tiresome very fast (what do they serve in the plane? well Popeye's fried chicken of course! what do they serve at the airport? fried chicken and waffles!). The whole concept behind the film, that a black man owns his own "hip" airline that really speaks to the black community could have theoretically been a bitting satire, but this concept is completely destroyed by the fact that the owner of the airline does not earn the money to buy the titular plane; he gets the money after suing the airline that managed to trap him inside a toilet and accidently killed his dog (just go with it, the sequence where this happens is idiotic and trying to explain exactly what happened would be a waste of time). Even while managing the airline, the "lead" character (because there really is no lead character, the movie jumps from gag to gag for the entire running time with some running jokes that ressemble a plot giving you only a vague idea of who you should be cheering for) is completely incompetent, hiring the worst possible pilots to fly his plane and nearly killing everyone on board. A special dishonorable mention to John Witherspoon that plays a blind character so stupid he confuses a baked potato with a woman in a really disgusting and rage inducing gag. Writing a review for this was incredibly difficult because it's genuinely hard to express how bad this film is, there is absolutely no reason to watch this, to recommend this or for this movie to have been made. (Dvd, July 27, 2012)

Emod L (au) wrote: 78%Less successful and but hilariously self-referential, Gremlins 2: The New Batch is an equally entertaining sequel.

Montaar A (ru) wrote: it's great to see Jackie chan first movie

Cedric L (gb) wrote: Deviates from a cliched setup to deliver a fun third act.

Niamh D (es) wrote: This is an incredible film. The acting is superb but what's really interesting to me is the ambiguity and the questions that it raises about character's motivations and actions. I saw this film with two other people. Each of us had different ideas about what was going on and why. An interview with the actor showed another completely different perspective. The more that I thought about it the more I realized how unusual and brilliant this film is. I saw a detailed, intimate portrait of a character and left with many questions and yet didn't feel frustrated. It made me think. In a great way. Do see it with people though. You'll love the debate later.