Saat Uchakkey

Saat Uchakkey

SAAT UCHAKKEY is a comedy caper about 7 petty crooks blundering their way through an exciting gamut of mystery, greed, treachery and running into one riotous crisis after another. Set against the gritty backdrop of Old Delhi, this burlesque film opens a window into the unpredictable world of magical realism, where the lingo is spattered with the choicest of swear words and the mannerisms with sidesplitting humor.

SAAT UCHAKKEY is a comedy caper about 7 petty crooks blundering their way through an exciting gamut of mystery, greed, treachery and running into one riotous crisis after another. Set ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juli N (fr) wrote: Pure torture to get through it! I wouldn't recommend this film to my worst enemy!

Garrett W (it) wrote: I'm going to view it at a later date, but there are fishy elements to be found in this project. I know that there are problems with both sides of the argument (the laughable denialist movement proposed by the premise of the film alone, and the Gore-fiends who don't realize that Gore is an exploiter of sensationalism)First, the inclusion of the flip-flopping wife-ditcher Newt Gingrich who once, with Nancy Pelosi, was featured in an advert where he apparently agreed that Global Warming was a real issue. Since he's just as opportunistic and pathetic as many of the Republican Party are, this film is already questionable just by having him involved.Next, Fred Singer, a virulent global warming denialist with some sketchy practices, who heads the SEPP, which actively finds ways to deny the progress of environmentally-friendly business and industry practices. He denies man's involvement in the increased rate of global warming. Rachel White Scheuering alleges that Singer, through SEPP, receives funding by oil companies. What a surprise if that's indeed true.Roy Spencer wouldn't be questionable if he didn't work with the Cornwall Alliance "An Evangelical Declaration on Global Warming", which smacks of rampant bias that blinds him to the nuances of the issue at hand. Plus, since he appeared on Rush Limbaugh's dreadful shock-jockey show, his credibility certainly took a big hit there. Worst of all, perhaps, is James Inhofe, a frighteningly religious man who is driven entirely by his faith to be hostile towards the LBGT citizens of the USA, at once an opponent of the GI Reform bill (which would have seen veterans' college expenses paid for by the government), an anglophone pusher (pushed for an act that would make English the national language, requiring all immigrants to pass a speech & writing test), and an abuser of taxpayer funds for his "flights for God." Inhofe is hugely against trying to adapt positively to environmental conditions which we are causing or contributing to, and outright denies global warming. When I watch the film for myself, I will properly review it, but I don't expect anything better than the pro-oil drivel that I already sense from the parties involved. It's best to maintain objectivity when it comes to this issue because there's bullcrap from both sides (moreso from the pro-oil side, due to their desperation at times), but in the end, this might be an inconsistent film.

hannah k (au) wrote: i want 2 c it coz i luv 2 dance

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Erin F (kr) wrote: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a spam.

Timothy J (de) wrote: One of my favorite modern westerns. A great cast!

Paul D (ca) wrote: This movie gets a lot of hate, but it is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. This is nowhere near as good as some of Stallone's other movies, but it does have familiar heart at its core. Nothing special, but worth watching at least once.

Zoran S (us) wrote: This is the last film from the great Joseph H. Lewis. If you can get past the sub-par acting, not to mention Sterling Hayden??s dreadful accent, then this is charming and bizarre Western. The ending may be the oddest showdown you??ll ever see.

Scott K (kr) wrote: Finally got around to seeing this. Completely met my expectations - brilliant. Now my favourite Sellars film along with Dr. Strangelove.

Jude P (gb) wrote: Obviously, This is overrated. Predictable.

Tim S (mx) wrote: Set in 180 AD, Hispano-Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius (Crowe) leads the Roman army to a decisive victory against the Germanic tribes near Vindobona, ending a long war on the Roman frontier and winning the favour of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Harris). Maximus, weary of battle, desires to retire to his Spanish farm estate to be with his wife and son, but the ageing Emperor appoints Maximus as regent to help save Rome from corruption.

Vivin M (fr) wrote: Sir Clint Eastwood Hats off, and Sean Penn nailed it. One of the best seen in years.

Paul D (fr) wrote: While this series of films have always been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, this third entry was just awful. The magician story was the only one that I thought was even slightly watchable. This is a huge let down compared to the others.