A doctor doing research on cancer treatment faces challenges when he first loses his wife, and then his vision.

A doctor doing research on cancer treatment faces challenges when he first loses his wife, and then his vision. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan M (ru) wrote: Adorable! So thought they were going to have a relationship.

Liam M (ca) wrote: Ti West just gets me...

Bill B (br) wrote: This has a good amount of it's screen time that feels like a skit on an ensemble comedy show, but it's still amusing and fun. Two friends hatch a plan to make the abused male hustler drug addict protagonist of their novel a reality by having one of them assume his role in store appearances, only to have it all go to their heads as fame finds them.Worth a rental if you run across it.

Branden R (gb) wrote: The raw nature of low budget films is abound in this film. Some of the dialogue is lost by background noise (ie. planes flying overhead and traffic). However, it makes you feel like you're actually a part of this beautiful story of two boys in love.

holly r (ru) wrote: The first part of the movie was the best. They lose me when they head in the jungle. I'm not much on snake stories but this one could have been worse. It had some entertaining parts. On a plus side the movie has KaDee Strickland in it. She also played as Charlotte on Private Practice.

Tayyab R (kr) wrote: Starts of as an artistically crafted drama and concludes with a teen-movie chuckle, anticlimactically.

Joshua W (de) wrote: What a piece of crap.

Mila Z (kr) wrote: pocetak je bio obecavajuci... na par scena smo svi umrli od smijeha, ali kasnije je malo postalo prenaporno i zapetljano...japanska verzija americke pite :)

Chelios A (kr) wrote: i only dont give 5 stars to this one cos the special efects are poor but the story line is really good and snipes got the moves mate ! and miss collina is hot as a motherfucker on this one .

Pete R (us) wrote: Cheap, dodgy acting and bad camera work. Loved it (apart from the extensive and embarrassing gang MC clips)

Mike M (es) wrote: The f- bomb was dropped twice in the same sentence so I turned it off !

Dian Maya L (au) wrote: Love it, less dramatic than what I was originally expected but that's Okay...

Alex K (it) wrote: One Mel Gibson Film, 1995's Braveheart Is One Of My Favorite Films.

Jo Y (ca) wrote: I would love to see this movie.

Aidan C (kr) wrote: A great film that is scary, fun, and thrilling at the same time. You get to know the characters, and find that they aren't just thugs, but they're kids, too, and you end up rooting for them. The FX are great, and it's very well acted and directed. Just give it a watch and suspend you disbelief.

Felipe F (ca) wrote: Tim Burton certainly was not the right choice to direct this inspirational, feminist biopic, but Amy Adams' charismatic lead performance compensates for its flaws.

Sophia L (it) wrote: Much better than you think and not as bland as most Hollywood entries

Scott R (gb) wrote: Tragic and sad. In a way it made me glad that I was not a professional sportsman. It also shows the struggles in England to make ends meet, socially and economically.