Orphaned and homeless Ranbir Raj re-locates to a small town and orders a glass of milk in the RK Bar. He befriends a prostitute by the name of Gulabji, who invites him to spend the night with her, and when he refuses, she re-directs him to Lillian who rents out rooms. Ranbir meets with Lillian, who has been living alone for 37 years after her son, Vincent, left to join the army and did not return.

Two souls arrive in a small town, one on vacation, the other to meet a lover. They spend the most magical dream-like days of their lives in that town... with each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saawariya torrent reviews

Juanita P (es) wrote: Plot was kind of confusing, and I found the acting to be quite poor.

Dammy G (au) wrote: Try as you may, you just can't beat the classics.

Jake A (ca) wrote: This 1980s set film is centered around two completely different boys whose love of film making and Rambo come together to create a funny, charming coming of age film that looks solid, is written really well, has good soundtrack and packs in plenty of themes for a 90 minute film that rarely lets up.

Amie J (kr) wrote: haha. that one guy pretending to be a missionary was hot! hehe. you know..that one..haha..yeah.

Jesse M (jp) wrote: In this flick we see a genji and a reinhardt main murder some filthy infidels and Rein uses earthshatter as genji uses his DragonBlade, but Mccree looks at his watch and gets a team wipe

Andrew M (ag) wrote: ....bahahaha. "CIAORKGBWHOWILLWIN". Well, if you want to find out the answer to this "question", watch this movie. Otherwise, it's really not worth watching. Not great. Will you ever find pout who wins? CIA or KGB?? The question they should be asking is: "Who cares?"

Bill B (de) wrote: This was my first exposure to Oliver Stone, as well as the fine work of Eric Bogosian, as he chews scenery left right and center. Loosely based on a true story, the film follows Bogosian over a very tense couple of days as his show is poised to break out to a larger audience and he is plagued with calls and gifts from an angry 'fan' that become increasingly menacing as the film goes on.Recommended.

Muhammed S (de) wrote: A pretty standard post apocalyptic survival movie. A must see for the genre fans! After watching this flick I know now a lot of stuff was inspired from this movie. Giant Scorpions!

Jenna I (ca) wrote: This could have been a 4 star movie for me if it had been directed by somebody else.. I enjoyed the ensemble cast, the music was impressive, and there are vignettes that are absolutely fantastic (Ronee Blakely and Keith Carradine stand out in particular) but it suffers from that meandering Altman-itis I just can't seem to click with. He manages to pull it together, it does flow very well, but I think it's at the cost of a deeper emotional caring.

Morten N (es) wrote: bare for nostalgiens skyld.

mike d (mx) wrote: This one I has everything in must have been pretty mind blowing at the time also.

Rajiv P (fr) wrote: Great role by Susan Hayward

Samuel M (nl) wrote: Una de las precursoras de las buddy movies policiacas, y de la mano de uno de los grandes directores del gnero, Walter Hill.Lo cierto es que uno de los puntos fuertes de la pelcula es lo diametralmente opuestos que son sus dos protagonistas y como su qumica no funciona para nada el principio, hasta que termina por convertirse en una gran amistad.Lo malo es que en otros aspectos la pelcula no destaca tanto. Su trama es un poco simple y algunos cabos quedan sueltos adems, y la estructura es demasiado reiterativa: encontramos al malo, tiroteo y se escapa,...hasta 3 veces distintas. James Remar como villano est un poco desaprovechado. Adems no tenemos muchas escenas de accin, aunque al menos si son ms realistas y duras que en otras pelculas del gnero.Aun as tiene una fotografa resultona, poblada de grises y azules, y las escenas del climax estn grabadas de forma genial.Sin lugar a dudas todo un clsico que aunque no llega a explotar todos sus elementos sienta las bases de lo que estaba por venir.

Dylan W (gb) wrote: 62%Bean is alright for what it is but this film could've really been something special if the story was heavily improved and if the characters weren't so cliche.

Kay L (jp) wrote: From creepy to kind of sad, this movie was better than expected.

Ash K (it) wrote: Didn't do it for me but great cast.

Susie T (gb) wrote: A Van Damme/John Woo treat...One of Van Dammes best since Bloodsport and Kickboxer...