After enduring a troubled childhood, a woman struggles to find herself in this provocative tale about life's vagaries and ultimate redemption. The film follows the emotional journey of Sabel, a complex woman portrayed as both bad and good, who permanently alters the lives of those in her orbit and who is eventually charged with murder.

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Sabel torrent reviews

Pasha A (br) wrote: The worst of Susanne Bier.

Arash B (jp) wrote: I usually don't like this kind of movies but this one was an exception, Bleak & Stunning without annoying cliches & preachings that are common is this kind of movies, Another great movie from the director of The Tin Drum

Kat K (au) wrote: LUCK BY CHANCE (2009) very interesting drama with a behind the scenes view of the Hindi film industry from the viewpoint of both hopefuls trying to get a foot in the door and of seasoned veterans trying to stay alive in a changing profession. A lot of cameos from some very recognizable faces (SRK's cameo was very heartfelt). Of the newer breed of film - good songs but no elaborate song and dance numbers.

Todd A (kr) wrote: It meanders at some points and is difficult to take seriously in others, but Cellular at the very least provides enough moments of suspense and fun to make it worth the watch.

Jordan K (ca) wrote: Annoying neighbor behavior leading to dark comedy is a common trait for Danny DeVito, which Duplex shares with one of his older films Throw Momma Off the Train. Duplex is a fun, quirky, but dark comedy that depends on DeVito's proper storytelling.A couple moves into the bottom floor of a duplex owned by an elderly Irish lady. She seems kind but the couple soon become more and more tired of her annoying behavior and constant chores to do for her to the point where they plan to kill her, yet thwarted each time.Duplex is a pretty simple comedy that reminds me of a classic style of comedy filmmaking. DeVito has hits and misses - most find this to be a miss but I really enjoyed Duplex. Even though it borrows heavily from another film with DeVito, the storytelling is rich with intrigue and never is really boring, although it does have a dark atmosphere that grows darker and moodier as the film goes on. Duplex's only issue is that it is quickly forgettable, albeit its (sort of) all star cast and its intriguing plot that only lasts intriguing until the end. Duplex is fun, but don't expect it to be a groundbreaking comedy: it's more of a rainy day comedy that entertains you and kills time.

Megan C (jp) wrote: This is my lil bro's favorite movie. I absolutely love Jet Li, he so little but he kicks ass & barely ever talks. To me this man can do no wrong.

Stphanie L (de) wrote: A tale between two brothers. One has left the triads and gone legit. The other has decided to stay and keep the triad from going to the ways of drugs and gun running. But, when one brother's in troubl...( read more )e, will the other drop whatever he's doing and protect his sibling even if it means losing his life?

Private U (au) wrote: 2003? WTF. I'll take this space quick second to say this movie was suprisingly damn good, considering the era, and that I'm pissed off that the other classic Mexican film I watched that night--El Rapto--isn't even listed. Jorge Negrete is where its at. Better recognize.

Pouyan S (jp) wrote: A brilliant one... The beauty of 'The Most Violent Year ' is that you can't really tell what's exactly keeping you engaged and keeping you on your toes . Is it the story of a decent man who thrives to do the righteous thing despite everyone else's wrong doings, is it the amazing acting, is the perfect story telling, or perhaps it's all of the above! An amazing picture and a must watch!

Fernando C (es) wrote: great film with a clever use of the found footage

Brandon W (au) wrote: Mike Judge's directorial debut Office Space is a surprisingly hilarious classic that would be remembered for a very long time. Ron Livingston is pretty good and funny in it, and so are the other actors. With one of the characters named Michael Bolton, it can obviously lead to being annoying and a gimmick, but the way they handled it, it was very well done and can get some laughs out of it. The characters are very memorable, especially Milton who seems all sweet and innocent until when someone messes with him, he starts getting dark thoughts which is pretty funny. The script is very witty, and it give some memorable lines. The jokes are very funny, and it shows about what's it like to work in a office with careless bosses and some annoying co-workers. The plot kind of feels like a bit of an excuse to show sketches, but it's effective to know that most of them work, and the movie succeed at making a very funny film out of it.

Marc H (kr) wrote: This is the worst yet funniest scary movie ever!