Sad Fairy Tale

Sad Fairy Tale

Liu Tong (Hu Xia) is a computer programmer in a film and television studio he is a small potato who is quiet, stubborn and solitary. His beautiful colleague Yang Jia (Cecilia Liu) is adored and pampered by all. She has an innocent aura and could almost pass as an princess in a fairytale. Many people in the company are attracted to her, including her covetous boss. But Yang remains stubbornly single. Liu pays close attention to Yang, helping her resolving her harassment problem with courage and wisdom. In order to protect herself from the boss, Yang always pretends to faint at the right moment. During these times, Liu stays by her side. One day he comes up with the groundbreaking idea of making Yang believes that she can leap through time so that she can be a true fairytale princess. Sad Fairy Tale is a story about giving carrying one's destined love in one's heart through joy and tears. It is also a riveting story of youth.

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Darwin K (ru) wrote: best scene : " cat got your tongue"nice euro-type animation & very intriguing story. even tho the love connection was a little forced. the cat is my fav.

Cheryl T (ru) wrote: Very mixed up pointless movie in my opinion... Depressing watching people struggle through not knowing what they want in life, and how to relate with people... Actually I would call it a 'Social Tragedy', and if that's what its aim was, it was well done.

Scott C (au) wrote: Strangely prophetic, considering it was made in the late 70s. Predicted the reality TV craze by about 20 years.

Sugarissa Candy J (br) wrote: this is the movie i told you in the morning, it's telling many facts about historical places but i didnt find it successful and i was sleepy i didnt understand anything @[email protected]

Agns P (ca) wrote: les amants criminels : bon film, j'ai bien aime, bon divertissement, des fois bien crade...

Justin L (es) wrote: This certainly goes down as one of the most uncomfortable films I've seen. Saying anymore would ruin it but it's certainly unique and worth watching, even if not up to par with Russell's later work.

Robert E (kr) wrote: God this movie is hilarious. I grew up with this one too. 'I'm a lawyer you idiot!'

Patrick M (jp) wrote: By no means am I going to argue that Gamera is a great movie. It's basically a Godzilla rip-off but unlike the original Godzilla, which was actually a very good film about the horrors of atomic energy, this is just a campy classic. It's an enjoyable film to watch, I don't know. Maybe I have a soft spot for people in giant turtle costumes. And yes, the kid is really annoying.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: cute, funny, worth a glance or two, and full of tounge in cheek innocents for that time period.

Kalen L (br) wrote: how bad can a movie get

Nadia C (br) wrote: I thought it was like "When Harry met Sally", which I enjoyed. But this once was pretty disappointing for me. It's just absurd that the main characters meet just in the end of the movie and fall in love... I don't buy it.