Sadhi Manse

Sadhi Manse

Film starring Jayshree Gadkar, Chandrakant and Master Vithal

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Jeff L (br) wrote: I love to read "reviews" by "journalists" that without any shred of practical knowledge of China (other than what other "journalists" have written) they form an opinion on the "one-sided" nature of the film. I am living and working in China. I have built businesses here. And I am here to say that the film on some levels doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the dangers and lies perpetrated by the PRC, the utter stupidity and naivet of the US government and US businesses. Coming from a foundation of actual, practical knowledge, I saw nothing in this film that could be considered hyperbole or propaganda. I did, however, see 80 minutes of truth. This is a must-see for every American. National suicide is on the horizon. See this film.

Jo F (it) wrote: one of the worst movies ever. i'm not going to even give it a star.

Tim H (it) wrote: A little to slow to be a great movie, but the last part of the movie on the "Rumble In The Jungle" is the best part of the movie. Will Smith brings out what must have been an emotional experience for Ali being a hero for all of Africa. I wish the movie would have gone more in depth with this life with Malcolm X & how Cassius Clay becomes "The Greatest"...Muhammed Ali!!! A solid movie overall, and Will Smith is absolutely awesome as Ali.

Becky P (fr) wrote: i think the postman and the penguin was my favorite!

Jillian R (ag) wrote: Crazy color, crazy detailed set. This is what draws your attention in. The acting is absolutely horrid however. But it is entertaining to watch solely because the acting is so horrendous. Also, Shelly Duvall is creepy/funny/ and kind of endearing in this film.

Gary P (es) wrote: After Tarantino had seen the short film made in film school, he helped get the feature off the ground. A true hidden gem about one girl's obsession with death.

Felipe C (au) wrote: Twisted, raunchy and satirical about the time period it emulates, Peter Jackson's debut into the film world is stroke of a fun time and "wtf" moments

Zach M (au) wrote: This was an alright sex comedy from the 80's starring Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow.It had enough nudity for the type of movie it was trying to be. The humour was really over the top, with most of it feeling slapsticky. Lots of attractive women in bikinis and some decent jokes helped keep you interested to the end.

Randy R (ru) wrote: Childhood favorite, saw this in the theater, and for some reason "mortgage on the eyeballs" has always stayed with me.

James S (gb) wrote: Don't like the ending

Peter F (it) wrote: Pretty trippy, but not nearly as outrageous as Jodorosky's films and those seeking a film that's substance over style should look else where.

Michael M (ru) wrote: I have a weird relationship with Cronenberg films. I don't know if he's ever made a film I've necessarily "liked" in the strictest definition, but I'm always drawn to his films in an odd way. There's a hypnotic quality to them I find very intriguing. Cosmopolis is no different, and it's probably my favorite that I've seen from him thus far. It's weird and it sort of exists in its own universe where things don't always make sense and people don't talk like people. It's tense and aggravating yet beautiful and seductive. I'm not really sure what the movie was ultimately about, I'm not even sure I necessarily enjoyed it, but I was fascinated by it. It's a tough film to review. I can say that it's directed gorgeously in a tense way adds to the films sense of paranoia, I can say that all the actors do great, but that's all I can really say in a critical sense. It's an odd movie. It's a Cronenberg movie. But I think I'd like to watch it again.

jesse p (ca) wrote: Well what did I think so Meany have called this the worst slasher film ever made but I agree but I also thought it's really not that terrible so that's why I am calling it my favorite bad slasher ever! The film did influence Meany films to came such as wrong turn and wolf creek. There are also Meany fans of this film such as Deron miller of CKY and Isao Takahata a director of Meany studio ghibli films and co funder of Studio ghibli. I saw this a long time ago here in Australia under the title the Forest 2 I was watching it a friends house and not long after me and him got sick of it so we turned it off and that was the last time I saw the film for ages. So a very long time later I finally decide to watch the whole thing I ordered this from America and it was double billed with the Forest so me and my brother finally sat down and watched it. To start with I found the film very underrated I was aware it was voted as one of the worst slashers ever that just really made me won't to see the rest of it most of the scenes I saw in the Forest 2 (aka don't go in the woods alone) were cut out and the pace was extremely off and most of the random murders off nameless victims were cut out. The storyline off the film involves Craig, Peter, Ingrid and Joanie hiking in the woods for a relaxing weekend but the deeper they go into the woods the denser and darker it get's but not far from them there are tourists such as Bird watchers, painters, hikers, fishermen, and campers how are murdered by a nameless manic stalking the woods. The storyline is just awful but interesting and same with the scripted it just all about a manic killing nameless people in the woods that I did find pretty cool. The effects are very good for its budget but the acting I found to be good and then bad (likely because of the dubbing) but still enjoyable. And also the ending soundtrack is just a laugh riot really what kind of guy sticks a soundtrack like that in there. But Overall I enjoyed it for a slasher film it really lives up to its title I don't really like films like this but I do recommend it the film is a great way to kill a boring afternoon and if you're a horror fan don't miss out on this one.

Robertson R (de) wrote: A very enjoyable Star Trek "parody" that's better than any Star Trek movie