A girl laxmi gets involved in an accident while driving a car. After a few days when she regains consciousness, she is unable to recollect anything, and behaves like a six year old child.She runs away, and ends up in a brothel. There she is befriended by a naive, shy, and single male school-teacher, Somu, who decides to help her out, as well as get rid of his loneliness. Soon Laxmi and Somu get along very well, without realizing that the police are looking for Laxmi and her alleged kidnappers. After some time Laxmi gets her memory back but forgets everything about the time spent with Somu & goes back with her parents.

A head injury causes a woman to regresses to childhood. Lost and confused, she is eventually befriended by a school teacher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brianna T (it) wrote: The buddies are coming to town! When Puppy Paws, son of Santa Paws just wants to be a normal dog, he goes to meet the Buddies for advice. But soon that find out that people just don't believe in christmas anymore. The buddies and Puppy Paws must save Christmas, with a little help from the faithful puppy Tiny.

Jordan F (jp) wrote: this was pretty funny. will sasso, ed helms and of course the great rob cordry were all really great

Saharat S (nl) wrote: Too pretentious---Jenna Malone's voice over was pretty cool---she played a lot of roles, an anorexic, a celebrity, a boy in a woman's body, someone obsessed with a porn star--the images are mostly unrelated to the narration--seems like it could play well as an video installation---not something that should be watched from start to finish

Jamie P (ru) wrote: Loved it! Very violent, but that's what you get with a diabolical crime lord, played excellently by Christopher Walken. Great cast! Action throughout, kept my interest from beginning to end.

KIm A (br) wrote: A confusing waste of life. Although you will laugh because you won't believe you actually decided to watch it.

Adam W (fr) wrote: An Andy Samberg mockumentary with a tone and calibre you'd expect from him and his crew. It was an alright time killer.