Safe Haven

Safe Haven

A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her.

A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antoinette G (jp) wrote: Finally a realistic movie about what women really deal with. Funny and heart warming. More please!

Christian G (ru) wrote: La que menos me ha gustado de Jodorowsky, no logr hacer lo que en sus dems cintas donde los mundos presentados si lejos de la realidad se antojaban posibles, no s si porque ya estamos en un mundo tan bizarro y sin sentido como el actual o si porque ya esta viejito y no la libra, o las dos. Pero a pesar de todas las fallas y las actuaciones horribles de el nio y la madre, la locura imperante de la cinta si es por mucho entretenida ms no alcanza a dar ese sentimiento de "Qu puta madres vi?" de sus otras pelculas.

James S (es) wrote: FINE. don't see this movie. it's your "funeral!" LOLOLOLOL

Robert B (ru) wrote: Sukkar Banat (Nadine Labaki, 2007)The world of the rom-com is one fraught with danger these days. When a rom-com bills itself as a rom-com and then actually does what it tells us it's going to do"provide us with shallow, lightweight entertainment"they usually end up being gabs of fun. Where things get nasty is when a rom-com tries to be something it's not, be that a deep, serious examination of [insert issue of the day here] or a work of filmic importance-with-a-capital-I. I grant you, it is possible for the rom-com to enter the hallowed halls of the canon, but I'm pretty sure that Howard Hawks never thought I'm making one for the ages!? on the set of Bringing Up Baby, nor Billy Wilder during the filming of The Apartment. In other words, kids, if you're going to make a rom-com, make a rom-com.As a good example, take Sukkar Banat, released in English-speaking countries as Caramel. (For the record: I had no idea that people actually waxed with real honest-to-goodness caramel. I can't imagine wanting to do anything with it but eat it.) When Caramel is doing its rom-com thing, drawing in equal parts from Hollywood (the obvious comparison here is to Barbershop) and Bollywood, it's a gas, funny and bitchy in that Sex-and-the-City sense, poking fun at everything from its main character Layale (played by director Labaki)'s torrid affair with Rabih (a man we never meet) to the oppressive religious atmosphere hanging over Beirut like a never-dispersing mushroom cloud. It is pointed without being heavy-handed, and while one can't ever accuse it of subtlety, it's still charming enough that one can't help but love it. The best part of this ensemble plotline, for my money, is a burgeoning relationship between salon worker Rima (Joanna Moukarzel, who has never been on a screen again"that needs to change) and repeat customer Siham (Fatmeh Safa, another non-actor who should be getting regular work). It's the most understated thing in the movie, and given that oppressive religious atmosphere mentioned before, it's also the most shocking. That plotline alone"however minor it may be"makes this movie worth a wholehearted recommendation.The problem arises when the movie tries to move into deeper territory without bringing along the sassy attitude, which it does with a few of the stories here. You know the drill, when the music swells... it's odd, because obviously Labaki knows how to adapt the rom-com attitude to serious subjects (again, I will harp on how the movie treats religion here; the montage of Layale trying to get a hotel room for an anniversary celebration with Rabih is golden), but every once in a while, the movie heads for territory where it's obvious Labaki is less comfortable with the style, and I could never quite figure out why.In other words, not a perfect movie, but a good one, and worth watching; it has more strong points than weak ones. ***

Lee M (us) wrote: Sergio's urban melodrama Under Hellgate Bridge suggests the contemporary equivalent of any number of 1930's B movies.

Michael C (nl) wrote: Great cast, interesting premise, Geiger monster and lots of blood and nudity.

Senor C (ru) wrote: James Garner would tackle the private dick full force on TV five years after Marlowe w/ The Rockford Files (which in itself is a great show) but here he has an entertaining vehicle that is carried more by charisma on his behalf then the actually script. That's not a shot @ it but he's better then the material. Everyone is which makes it highly watchable. My rating may be a bit high for it actually but it is pumped up by @ least a half of a star because of the two scenes w/ Bruce Lee. For him alone it's worth the price of admission. Just fantastic as Lee kicks the living shit out of Garner's office & is going to kung fu the piss out of him on a terrace only to over estimate his skills leaping to his death. I gave out a sorrow filled sigh when he went. His appearance was masterful

Grant S (us) wrote: Had heaps of potential, but quite disappointing in the end. The movie was set up for something quite profound, but just fell away at the end. Almost all the characters are incredibly loathsome, which doesn't help your engagement to the movie.

Henry G (au) wrote: If you look in the dicionary under 'stilted', you'll find a mug shot of this film. Nevertheless, March at his most beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that it almost becomes worth it.

Jessica C (ca) wrote: It's one of those films you watch when you have nothing else interesting to watch.

Jason M (de) wrote: SO Synapse-fryingly awful that I'm not even going to bother being clever. The writing is so bad that you suspect that you or the universe have gone mad every time the principle characters speak. We are treated to a lot of prefabricated, pleathery Bo Derek nudity, on the one hand- but then there are shots of the deceased husband Anthony Quinn. He offers a running commentary on Bo derek's nudity, and...well, that's pretty much it. A couple's gross vanity project that handily doubles as an LSD substitute. It's a bad trip.