Safed Haathi

Safed Haathi

Unsuccessful film-maker (Vijay Arora) chronicles the story of two orphaned children, Shibu (Ashwani), and his elder sister, Rani (Gayetri Sharma), who live with their abusive maternal uncle...

Unsuccessful film-maker (Vijay Arora) chronicles the story of two orphaned children, Shibu (Ashwani), and his elder sister, Rani (Gayetri Sharma), who live with their abusive maternal uncle... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mario G (ru) wrote: cool and clean movie. lovely

Richie L (au) wrote: Quality film. Complex, emotional and visually fantastic. Good soundtrack.

Dani P (ca) wrote: This is an interesting film. It's not a brilliant story but it's heavy, original and River Phoenix's character rocks it. He's the biggest star in Dark Blood and not because he died before the end of the shooting. He's stunning as a lonely and disturbed young man who lives in the desert. Jonathan Price and Judi Davis also give powerful performances but Phoenix's scenes are the best here. It's hard to watch it knowing that this talented actor passed away but it's a great way to say goodbye again.

Robert H (us) wrote: Kudos to Alexia Rasmussen and Alexa Havins for putting forth some really convincing performances and essentially carrying this film. Outside of some really shocking and gory moments and a few bizarre moments, they are all I can appreciate about the film.The sound on the film was not engaging including a score that just didn't fit with the film. There was some good use of surrounds though but nothing special in this day and age. Essentially, this film fails mainly due to pacing. At 2 hours in length, it's a good 45 minutes too long. There are plenty of smart pieces in the film and more than one twist but they take sooooo long to get to that you've likely already decided to leave the theatre or turn off the movie. Trust me, I came close.

Martin T (ca) wrote: The Finnish version of The Blues Brothers. All of Kaurismaki's films are rich with humor, but this is the closest I've seen him come to straight comedy, with plenty of sight gags (has anyone ever gotten so much mileage out of a hairstyle?) although the tone is still characteristically deadpan. It also showcases his deep love for classic rock 'n' roll, and the enthusiasm is infectious. The movie is a giddy delight that evokes laughter and warmth.

Charles P (es) wrote: Every performance is perfect; every note of inspiration works, but most significantly the film paints an epic portrait of one man's life.

Adam R (mx) wrote: (First and only viewing - 12/15/2013)

Steve M (gb) wrote: Blake of Scotland YardStarring: Ralph Byrd, Herbert Rawlinson, and Joan BarclayDirector: Robert F. Hill Sir James Blake (Rawlinson) retires from Scotland Yard so he can help a pair of young inventors (Rawlinson and Barlcay) complete their death-ray machine and get it safely to the League of Nations so they can use it to end all wars. But spies opposed to world-peace are lurking in every shadow.... "Blake of Scotland Yard" is a movie that was created by editing down a serial... and it shows. Basically, it consists of a lot of characters running around and throwing punches at each other for unclear reasons, repeated establishing shots of the same strange Frech dive-bar, and sequences with a hunchbacked villain and his minions who seem to constantly change their minds about what their plans are in midstream. This show was made in the late 1930s as a kids' program. I wonder how much kids liked it back in those days, but I'm certain they wouldn't like it today. Adults might get the occassional chuckle from some of the unintended comedy in the show, as well as some of the "topical references" which are just plain funny with 70 years of history between when they were made and now, but even they should be able to find better ways to spend their time... or at least something better to watch.

Anatoly S (ru) wrote: Rewatched the original film and was blown away by how amazing it is. It's perfect the way it was made, no need for a remake. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Kyle C (es) wrote: The Chipmunks are back, they're still cute, but the music is underwhelming this time. I mean the songs sounded fine, I just didn't know most of them, which is odd that they would do that. It's no better or worse than the other movies in the series and that's all it needed to be, just something to distract your kids for 90 minutes, and it does succeed at that. MILD RECOMMENDATION if you liked the rest or any of the series, it's harmless time killing.