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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1951
  • Language:Hindi
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Chandni (Rehana) and her dad (Iftekhar) belong to a well-off family. Her dad feels that Chandni has come of age and must get married. He selects a groom for her and asks her to marry him. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric B (ag) wrote: This obscure relic from Dennis Hopper's down-and-out '70s casts the volatile star as a troubled Vietnam soldier on temporary leave, riding a train across country to escort a coffin home for burial. The plot doesn't go much further than this, and most of the film seems improvised and barely sequenced. Faint story threads include Hooper bantering with an eccentric radical (Dean Stockwell, thoroughly stoned from start to finish) and trying to coax a pretty young thing (Taryn Power) into sex. The soundtrack of '40s standards is a strange choice for a movie with such a topical theme.


ime S (fr) wrote: Movie destroyed prejudices about zombies genre movies. Just because producers had guts to create something like this they deserve 5 stars from me.

Isabelle S (it) wrote: Le genre de film qui fait du bien regarder.J'aime!

Reverend Dak U (us) wrote: Dumb dialog, bro. Ridiculous costumes, and a totally absurd premise. Gangsters run, fight, and die, battling each other over BEAT BEAT REVELATION... aka, in our universe as DDR. All told with a straight face, and the seriousness of an epic period piece. Yo, It's fucking brilliant and funny as hell.

Michael P (kr) wrote: An interesting film and a nice change of pace from Kevin Smith. While there are definitely some genuine comic moments, they are few and far between. Instead there is a mix of genres that somehow seems to work. The film is at first a horror/thriller and totally drew me in. It is dark, frantic and tense.It soon molds into a siege film, a bit of decent gun play with a little escape excitement thrown in. The film does get a little confused in its delivery but not in its message.In this world, there are ridiculous reasons which people use to condone evil actions (particularly within religion), and the extent to which they follow these beliefs into actions of violence and terrorism continues to astound me. Kevin Smith does well to endue hatred for the Cooper 'family' early on in the film and Michael Parks, as the head of this group of nutters, is charismatic and passionate, even if it is absolute nonsense that he is preaching. There are loads of recognisable faces in this, taken from pools of talent from both film and TV (Breaking Bad, True Blood). John Goodman is probably the most recognisable of these and does a believable turn as the federal agent charged with taking the Coopers down. It's important to note that the Government are not the good guys here either. They have their share of dark decisions and idiotic actions.I enjoyed this film....but this level of fanaticism in the name of God is guaranteed to make me angry and so I found this fairly uncomfortable watching.

Private U (ca) wrote: Poignant et ce, malgre le rythme lent et quotidien ...Exquis, ose et sans perversions

Swetha A (ca) wrote: Good performances nd quite a riverting tale od reversed roles and maturity levels.

Mallory A (ru) wrote: When characters don't communicate with each other, we get this bullshit

Mona N (ca) wrote: Beste Norske filmen :)

jo c (nl) wrote: couldn't sleep at night for almost 2 weeks.

Kevin L (ca) wrote: Oh dear Lord, this wacky non-stop bad CGI-fest suffers from thin plotting, dumb characters, and not knowing when enough is enough

Vince N (es) wrote: Race against time, "SCEPTERS" and ancient ninja's meet new aged mutants, gone good? Whom pose as demons...... Guess they are what you make em' out to be. Great lesson for kids to to understand acts of bravery and overcoming the darker side of supernaturalism.

Joanna B (it) wrote: Thanks to idle channel surfing I managed to catch most of this on God TV UK. Computers and the United Nations are somehow linked to Satan and the taking up to heaven of all god fearing folk. Paranoid hilarity ensues.

Calib M (ag) wrote: Like some other reviewers, I was not impressed by the writing and the way the narrative was presented. It felt very disconnected, and sometimes confusing, with rough jumps between scenes, often making characterisation deficient. Perhaps it was a conscious decision aimed to convey Marcello's neurotic state and his need to belong, yet I felt that the camera-work alone did the job pretty well, especially the lighting (e.g. in the scene when we first see Guilia, in a striped dress, with moving light source patterned by the blinds, it reflects Marcello's mixed feelings about her), and the unorthodox angles. Also, I still wander if the narrative is objective, or maybe some of the scenes are Marcello's wishful thinking - while watching, I had a theory that the blue light indicated these, but it didn't quite hold up till the end.And, next to the ambiguous episodes, there are some annoyingly blatant parts. The metaphor of blind fascists was just too in-your-face. I wont give examples, look them up, there are quite some. The bit I liked about the plot was the suppressed homosexuality theme, under-stressed but sustained throughout the film with several moments of restrained homoeroticism, and the ending. I also liked the general air of the 30s, and the music - the credits song is currently stuck in my head.I'll quote a fellow reviewer here, who said something i fully agree with: ''A fine movie, but dry and difficult to relate to. I can't imagine many people calling this a favorite. I have a great deal of respect for its craftsmanship, above all, most notably because the filming is beyond gorgeous. ''Overall, while definitely a 9.5/10 for cinematography, The Conformist suffers from the need of a better and more coherent script. Which makes the movie sometimes very boring, confusing and frustrating. Maybe on a second viewing it might be better, but for now. 3/5 stars

Nate T (gb) wrote: "...East is East and West is West and the wrong one I have chose..." A lesser outing than the first one but cartoon gags directed by Frank Tashlin (a frequent director of Jerry Lewis) make it hard to pass up.

Gary C (nl) wrote: The true story of three british airmen who escaped from a prison camp in WWII. There's little here that hasn't been done again and again in prison escape films, although it does pick up once they escape the camp; the cat and mouse chase in the dark alleys of nazi Germany is the stand-out scene. Probably a lot more true to life than the Great Escape, but much less entertaining as a result. Solid but unremarkable.

Alex K (nl) wrote: Not as good as I hoped but it was still funny and the film had a lot of laugh out laude moments which is good

Huw G (us) wrote: An idea done to death and going nowhere.

Russ B (es) wrote: 6/6/2016: Better than I thought it would be and actually turned out to be pretty decent. I still prefer my zombie movies to be more violent though.