Sagebrush Trail

Sagebrush Trail

Imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, John Brant escapes and ends up out west where, after giving the local lawmen the slip, he joins up with an outlaw gang. Brant finds out that 'Jones', one of the outlaws he has become friends with, committed the murder that Brant was sent up for, but has no knowledge that anyone was ever put in jail for his crime. Willing to forgive and forget, Brant doesn't realize that 'Jones' has not only fallen for the same pretty shopgirl Brant has, but begins to suspect that Brant is not truly an outlaw.

Imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, John Brant escapes and ends up out west where, after giving the local lawmen the slip, he joins up with an outlaw gang. Brant finds out that '... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melodye R (nl) wrote: Inspired by the true life Burmese child soldier story now transported by the screenwriters to the Democratic Republic of Congo, this is a haunting tale of the abrupt loss of childhood and the horrific atrocities of war as seen though the eyes of a child soldier. The 12 year protagonist narrates to her unborn child conceived in rape as she recalls her harrowing journey from her village to the moments before the birth of this new life. This harrowing fairytale has moments of magical realism but mostly has the tone of a docudrama. It was thoughtfully conceived and faithfully executed. Many of the children featured in this film were illiterate and were told the story in chapters. Their reactions betray no anticipation of where the storyline was headed.

jorg (fr) wrote: This had a chance to be a great movie, but i didnt like the ending and also it could have been a scarier, it had a great soundtrack and great photography.

Branden 2 M (de) wrote: Very enjoyable Martial Arts film with a great central performance by Donnie Yen both physically and emotionally. The fight scenes in this are very entertaining and a couple of them are extremely intense.

John P (gb) wrote: This film is certainly one of the strangest I've ever seen. It is unlike anything I've ever seen, so it's a bit difficult to review without any point of comparison. I am glad I saw it, but would not watch it again.

Mark A (ru) wrote: Social disease turns boring gits into boring, rotting, quasi-undead cannibals. They inevitably succumb to ennui.

Ferenc Z (jp) wrote: See the poster? The monster is crappy but girls with nice tits are taking showers all the time.

Grayson D (nl) wrote: Bog standard western with a great cast. Bardot probably never looked better in a non French film.

Jacob B (au) wrote: I admit Lancaster and Curtis were great in their roles, but the story was really about nothing. It was just a whole lot of talking back-and-forth, with a ridiculous narrative of a guy who's so protective of his sister, it almost seems like he's in love with her.

Gary B (nl) wrote: Kind of touching little Aussie post-apocalyptic tale with Pattinson turning in an amazing hillbilly performance that must be seen to be believed.

Nguyen Thuy H (fr) wrote: We Own The Night and The Immigrant carry the trademark of someone who places intellectual agenda over organic story-telling. This film was even much more ambitious than The Immigrant, subtexts flying all over your faces. Too bad, because Gray did not really allow his characters to bare their souls: I was rooting for a showdown sequence like the prison scene in The Silence of The Lambs, but nothing happened. Too fast, I suppose? But come to to think of it, fast speed can't be an issue: Two Lovers was very fast as well, but what brings it to the level of a masterpiece is the sexiness (of the story and of the central character), something We Own The Night sorely lacks.