Sagina a factory laborer,an aggressive, honest and lovable character who was the first to fight against the tyranny of the British bosses in the Tea gardens of North-Eastern India.

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Ted W (mx) wrote: Ok animated movie starring Adam Samberg sanberg or however you spell his God dang name. This kids movie is cheesy with bad jokes but has good jokes aka everything the pigeon does in this movie. The pigeon is so funny, how he talks then turns heel. The storks premece is cheesy but kids will sorta enjoy it. This movie had some sad moments but they had to ruin it.

Kyle M (br) wrote: It excels in attempt to scare at a nice pace to build up the inner fear by its simple originality with a symbolistic attachment that was exaggerated. Although that's just what the film is while instead of trying to scare with creepy vibes, both the film and the spirited performances rather overwhelm you, including an unnecessary death that affected the level. It's supposedly really good on its own terms, it's basically not for everyone - like any other films that aren't considered as a must-see. (B)

Janna L (it) wrote: I saw this in the theater, apparently thirteen years ago, and I can still hear the concerto that plays throughout the film. I don't know if this is more attributable to Elgar or to the actual Jacqueline du Pre who played it, but the movie complements this piece perfectly. Lovely, haunting, sad, and worthy of a replay.

Sangeeta K (nl) wrote: I can't remember 2 much of it, but it was great

Kate H (jp) wrote: Despite the middling sort of rating from me, I do hope this is a look at a future trend in movie making. It's an up close and personal film led by three women facing a very female issue in wartime. Not to say that man can't also face this kind of terror but primarily it is women.Augusta, her younger sister Louise, and their slave Mad are manning a farm in the American South while the men of the house are fighting in the Civil War. After venturing out of isolation in search of supplies, Augusta draws the interest of two Union soldiers and so begins a night of terror for the three women that is certain to end in their rapes and then their murders.It's a very quiet film, every sound draws a reaction and makes you feel that much more on edge. You're waiting for something to happen and it often does with heartbreaking results. The attack here is something that doesn't just belong to civil war america but also to other countries and warzones many times over. The leads are wonderful, everyone bringing a different point to this story of family and survival. There are battles won and battles won but, as Mad says, it only what happens matters and then you go on.

Maksim B (fr) wrote: A drug addiction drama, The Benefactor is a mediocre movie which certainly benefits from the presence of a talented cast and a potential intriguing take on the impact of pain-relieving medicines on patients, but that fails to do anything meaningful with this potential. With rushed screenplay, troublesome pacing and a story that never really connects the audience with is main character this movie ends up as a watchable delivery that could have been so much better. Franny (Richard Gere) is a troubled tycoon and philanthropist who has never recovered from the tragic death of his best friend and his best friend's wife. When one day their daughter Olivia (Dakota Fanning) decides to return to town and asks Franny the favor of finding a job for her husband Luke (Theo James) in the hospital sponsored by the tycoon, the magnate finds a new reason to enjoy life. The rich philanthropist fully takes Olivia and Doctor Luke under his umbrella, but soon it becomes clear that instead of getting over the tragic accident, he has become a drug-addict. Andrew Renzi's movie has the potential to be an interpersonal drama with a strong social context, in light of recent reports on the percentage of people who become drugs-addicted after a continuous period of taking pain-killers. It fails on both opportunities. It surely develops a touching connection between Olivia and Franny, but the audience never really starts to actually care about the tycoon. What is worse, the social context which The Benefactor could have had is totally underdeveloped. The main reason for Andrew Renzi's movie not being a total flop is the incredibly solid and convincing performance of Richard Gere. It is true that he almost steals the show (as Dakota Fanning is not as convincing as expected), but Theo James is also showing himself in a light much better than the Divergent series. Gere is flamboyant, emotional, energizing, and yet vulnerable and childishly aggressive when put under pressure. This is not enough to bring the movie above the level of mediocrity, but still good enough to justify seeing it!