Lieutenant Suraj Dutt has been in the Indian army for years. It is now time for him to take a leave of absence so that he can meet his father, Retired Colonel Yashpal Dutt, and sister, Minni. He travels home, and on the way rescues some school children held hostage by a group of armed men. The media portrays him as a hero, and it is here that he meets with a young woman named Alka, and both fall in love with each other. Alka and Suraj get the approval of their respective families' and get married. Minni also gets married to a young man named Vijay Ghai. Shortly after the marriage, Suraj leaves his pregnant wife and re-joins duty at the border. His father is the first one to get the news that he is missing, believed dead. He decides to keep his news from Alka and Minni. What Yashpal does not know that both Minni and Alka have already received this devastating news - and both have decided to keep a brave front and also hide it from each other...

Lieutenant Suraj Dutt has been in the Indian army for years. It is now time for him to take a leave of absence so that he can meet his father, Retired Colonel Yashpal Dutt, and sister, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan W (br) wrote: Like the original and the first sequel, this movie fails to be funny and is a huge let down given the source material. Also, using the fourth book for the third movie was a bad idea, it's clear that they had no intention of going anywhere with this series, it was just a cash in on the latest trend.

Rachel N (it) wrote: Not as good as the first one in my opinion.

Christopher L (jp) wrote: The comparison of "Infamous" to the slightly superior "Capote" is unavoidable, as they are about the same man and were released nearly back-to-back. While the Philip Seymour Hoffman film is positively fantastic, that doesn't mean that this film isn't. What we get here is another fine portrayal of Truman Capote from the always-reliable Toby Jones, who also has the benefit of looking like Capote. His performance is a bit more showy, I'd say, but nonetheless it plays well. The only real problem here is the casting of Sandra Bullock, who pales in comparison to Catherine Keener as Harper Lee. The film also gives us more information, which wasn't necessarily needed, but does add some insight into the late writer and his relationship with Perry Smith, one of the two murderers who were the subject of his "In Cold Blood". I say see them both and be well-informed, as both pictures are fantastic pieces of work.

Avi S (fr) wrote: Will Ferrell not be as annoying as usual, SCORE. Unfortunately the movie falls flat on jokes

Ashley H (br) wrote: Losing Isaiah is an excellent film. It is about natural and adoptive mothers of a young boy are involved in a custody battle. Jessica Lange and Halle Berry give fantastic performances. The screenplay is good but a little slow in places. Stephen Gyllenhaal did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Losing Isaiah is a must see.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Army of Darkness is the third film of the Evil Dead series, directed by Sam Raimi, written by the Raimi brothers, and it stars Bruce Campbell in a comedy film about Ash Williams being trapped in the Middle Ages and has to deal with the deadites to get to the present time. Out of all the movies in this series, Army of Darkness is the one that I watched the least, which I think is because I didn't like how it went to comedy with little to no horror in it. So I remember it being the least liked for it, but I was quite sure if I liked it at the time, or didn't liked it. So after watching this, Army of Darkness is the best Evil Dead movie by comparison, but it's the funniest one out of all of them, and I still enjoyed it very much. Bruce Campbell is having a lot of fun in this, whether it is being a bad*bleep*, an a hole, and wacky. The one liners that he says are very quotable as the dialogue is pretty good. The story is good, and the humor it has is really funny. The slapstick is funny, which is saying something, and the writing is just great. The effects are great, both visual and stop-motion effects. The score by Joseph LoLuca and the theme song by Danny Elfman is catchy to listen, and the action scenes are a delight to watch. The only problem that I had, is that I didn't really seem much of a chemistry between Ash and Shelia, but despite that, Army of Darkness is a really great end to the trilogy that is my favorite horror trilogy.

Allan C (mx) wrote: Okay, pseudo sequel to the classic Tim Burton film "Pee Wee's Big Adventure." It's not an official sequel because this film was done by another film studio, though you could arguable say this film starts with Pee Wee being famous from the James Brolin film adaptation of his quest to find his bike in the first film. Pee Wee then quickly finds fame tiring and seeks out the simple life as a farmer. His quiet farm life is then interrupted when a traveling circus comes to his farm (which includes Kris Kristofferson as the ring master, Susan Tyrell as a little woman, and Benicio Del Toro in his film debut as Duke the Dog-Faced Boy), much to the chagrin of the crotchety old townsfolk. Pee Wee falls in love the the beautiful trapeze artist, Valeria Golino (who I'd forgotten about and who is absolutely gorgeous) over his school teacher girlfriend, Penelope Ann Miller, who then also falls in love with circus folk of her own. It's all pretty silly and the humor is certainly consistent with Pee Wee's first film, but if there was ever any question of whether "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" was a classic because of Tim Burton or Paul Reuens, this film offers a definitive answer. "Big Top Pee Wee" clearly lacks the quirky style of director Tim Burton and this film pales in comparison, lacking Burton's unique of often surreal touch. There's no Large Marge, no camping scenes with cartoon eyes, no giant dinosaurs or cleverly filmed scenes like Pee Wee stomping through dark rainy streets, hitchhiking or fighting a friend in a bathtub as if they were Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. You do at least get a good Danny Elfman score as you did in the original, but this film sorely missed Tim Burton.

Simon G (br) wrote: a bit of fun. Love the Fat Boys, had all their records in the 80s. A typical film from the late 80s.

Scott W (br) wrote: Richard Pryor. Ok when you are 10 maybe.

Loreno II A (us) wrote: This is one of my favorites

Silke B (jp) wrote: A cozy crime story for a rainy afternoon. I usually don't like the Miss Marple stories by Agatha Christie very much, but the movies with Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple are always a delightful watch.

Charles H (br) wrote: Simply horrible. Great way to ruin an icon.

Jenn M (ru) wrote: Lol hilarious! I really didn't want to watch but to see jocks get their come uppance was brilliant.

Nate R (it) wrote: Awesome like always.