Saint-Tropez Vice

Saint-Tropez Vice

A police captain's niece is trapped by white slavers.

A police captain's niece is trapped by white slavers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maksim B (de) wrote: A treat for the fans of Tim Burton Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is another weird, whimsical and of course gothic-infused movie which will either make you love it or hate it. Far from being perfect, the adaptation of Ransom Riggs' best-seller succeeds to overcome its narrative and plot flaws thanks to its touching content, family-friendly messages and emotional take on human loneliness. Jake (Asa Butterfield) is a troubled American teenager who has grown up with the weird stories of his grandfather Abe from the time when Abe was in Wales during the WWII and living at a place called "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children". When Jake's psychiatrist advises his parents to let Jake travel to Wales, the teenager finds himself in a place which seems to be hiding an amazing secret of parallel worlds, time loops and kids with specific peculiarities. Soon, Jake becomes involved in a world where he needs to re-discover himself and to save his new friends. Apart from several obvious plot-holes, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is an entertainment which will certainly please not only the fans of Tim Burton, but also the mainstream audiences. Awkward and original, it captivates the viewers with its most curious characters and moves them with a simple underlying story of loneliness experienced by young people and their search for their own place in the world. This family-friendliness works pretty strangely in combination with Tim Burton's typical gothic and macabre approach and results in a captivating dark adventure which you will be willing to follow further in a potential franchise-building (yes, indeed, the novel is a trilogy, so two more movies should be greenlighted soon by 20th Century Fox).In conclusion Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a must see if you are a Tim Burton fan and highly recommended if you would like to experience an awkward, but satisfying movie adventure.

Ricardo A (es) wrote: Cambio de Ruta is an entertaining little romantic comedy that feels too predictable at times.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: Some of the acting sucks but the movie as a whole is much better than I thought it'd be. Once I started watching it I found myself really intrigued by it. Some parts are really fucking corny too doh.

Macovei F (jp) wrote: Maybe it's a good movie.. I wouldn't know, I stopped watching it after 10 minutes.BORING!

Brett B (au) wrote: Early in the film I was thinking that I was in for long, boring haul. It isn't immediately apparent just what the main plot is, but it gets cleared up. I think this movie is quite original and well told. the movie does move at a snail's pace, but if you can hang in there through the first 30 mins or so your attention will be grabbed. If the pace was quicker, I would have given it 4/5 instead of 3.5/5. I believe that a lot of the haters of this film just don't understand it.

Mloy X (gb) wrote: [Seymour's phone rings]Enid (Thora Birch): Aren't you going to get that?Seymour (Steve Buschemi): Let the machine get it. I have no desire to talk to anyone who might be calling me.The beauty of indie flicks is most of the film's stars are genuinely talented or only the really talented ones do it. This was no exception-- great cast, interesting story and overall very satisfying ending. It was pretty good.

Johnathan M (ag) wrote: A waste of a hilarious cast. Im feeling that this movie would have been funnier if I was an avid toker. Jack Black had a few funny moments but outside of that this movie was pretty much a waste

matt v (au) wrote: A comedy about two criminals who go the straight and narrow path by pulling off one more heist only to be cornered in the one place they never expected-a convent. The film is full of laughs and hilarious gags. Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane are hilarious and completely outragous all the while donning not just one costume but three. There aren't any confusing plot twists or turns. Instead it keeps it simple yet all the while keeping the viewer interested in finding out what happens next. Combine that with the witty and quick dialogue and you have a small yet extremely satisfying comedy.

Nathaniel B (it) wrote: I'm gonna have to say no one this one. I really wanted to like it too. It was way too similar to the first in my opinion.