Saints and Soldiers: The Void

Saints and Soldiers: The Void

Germany, May 1945, deep in the Harz Mountains a U.S. tank crew discovers a platoon of Germans preparing to ambush U.S. supply trucks.

During World War II, a black officer must find a way to convince his predominantly white tank crew to work with him if they are to defeat a superior German force. With tension and fear beginning to manifest, they must put aside their differences to stop the enemy from their deadly plan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saints and Soldiers: The Void torrent reviews

Geoff J (it) wrote: Anti horror film, not terrible but nothing too great, and the twist is fairly obvious...

Kelli H (us) wrote: I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. The sword-fighting and action scenes bored me, but the performances are fantastic. Tyrone Power is dripping with charisma (although his bordering-on-abusive courtship of Maureen O'Hara is slightly disturbing). Laird Cregar and Oscar winners George Sanders, Anthony Quinn, and Thomas Mitchell are all great. Won the Oscar for best cinematography, color.

Sabina B (it) wrote: kind of a lame ending, with the angel and everything. But in general it was a pretty good movie, but not as good as the two wishmaster movies before this one.

Roksana M (it) wrote: Seen this a milion times. I saw Salman and fell in love....I was a early teenager and tho there are better movies out there...this one is etched in my mind and is my all time Fav. May be brings back memories.....I love it!!

Allan C (ca) wrote: David Mamet made his directorial debut with this smart film. I love films about con men, wether it's "The Grifters," "The Sting" or even "The Flim Flam Man," but this is a particularly involving film because it sucks the audience in, just like the con men's marks. Mamet was already a successful playwright and screenwriter at the time when he made this assured directorial debut. The film features a great cast that includes Joe Mantegna before he was well known, the criminally underused Mike Nussbaum, the great J.T. Walsh, Ricky Jay in the first film I remember seeing him in, and even William H. Macy (billed as W.H. Macy) in a bit part. I think the only thing holding the film back is Lindsay Crouse's wooden performance, which may have been a directorial choice since she is not typically a wooden actress. The film is also a bit cold and clinical, which may also have been a directorial choice. I think Mamet got better with tone when you compare this film to the somewhat similar film he'd make years later, "Heist".Still, this is an excellent, smart, slick little film.

Sam B (it) wrote: If God does exist, he would never let anyone make a sequel this bad.

Christopher S (es) wrote: Very entertaining tongue-in-cheek murder mystery from director Mario Bava. It lacks some of the visual sophistication of Bava's best work, but it delivers enough witty imagery, clever twists, and kitschy 70s excess to be great fun for fans of Bava and Italian exploitation.

Tristan P (nl) wrote: Incredible Gothic thriller that is essentially a reunion of the cast and crew of the previous year's THE LODGER. But HANGOVER SQUARE is a much better, far less dated film. Laird Cregar, who was oddly feminine and ineffective in THE LODGER, is chillingly effective here. His performance is at once bloodcurdlingly evil and heartbreakingly pathetic. It's also an incredibly realistic performance, especially considering it's coming from a usually very over the top actor. One of the greatest horror films ever made. The tragedy of Laird Cregar's personal life is dealt with in an interesting documentary on the DVD.

Bobby L (mx) wrote: It was very good, and interesting. The actors and actresses were all good, and the look of the film was nice. The story kept me intrigued and I was surprised by parts.