Tamizhselvi, a little girl, is the darling of the Kathiresan household. She is fond of her pet rooster Paapa, but her grandfather Kathiresan plans to offer Paapa as a sacrifice to their god in the interest of his family. What happens when the rooster goes missing?

Members of a family gather as a sacrificial rooster goes missing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saivam torrent reviews

Liam M (au) wrote: Incoherent as ever. This entry comes with a nifty 'previously on' to catch...everybody up. Since following the ever changing 'narrative' (used as loosely as possible) is a chore . The Final Chapter serves us, exactly what we should have expected. Messy action set pieces, bland unlikeable characters. Is anybody even still reading this? You don't need me to tell you if you'll like this or not there are six of these god damn movies now and they're indistinguishable from one already know if this is your cup you of t-virus. For me, it's have allergic reactions to bad movies.

Misterj R (kr) wrote: Even though it has it's moments, it's just a rehash of the first film.

PJ P (fr) wrote: Almost another sequel too far, but with just enough laughs to save it. Won't risk Taxi 3 though.

Elise C (au) wrote: This one's a real tearjerker from my childhood. Wonderful and beautiful movie.

Leon B (us) wrote: Review:I quite enjoyed this movie, even though it does seem to drag in some parts. The actors made the movie interesting and Woody Allen wrote a witty script which was more dramatic than funny. The concept, which is based around a writer producing a play with the pressure from the mob to cast a bad actress, wasn't bad and I have to give credit to the cast, who all put in great performances. The actors who play the gangsters, seem to be in every gangster movie that comes out, but they made movie enjoyable, even though the movie wasn't totally based around them. I have learnt not to have high expectations for movies nowadays so when I see a well made movie, I end up enjoying it even more. This movie is well put together by Allen and he portrayed the period well, even though the storyline is a bit silly in parts. In all, it's a average movie with some good scenes and good performances, but it could have been a better movie if it didn't have the comedy element. Average!Round-Up:This film definitely wouldn't have worked if Woody Allen was in it. He seemed to cut out the silly lines, which I have seen in many of his movies, which is why the film really did work. John Cusack was good as the lead, but it was Dianne Wiest that made me laugh. She was playing a role that was completely out of her comfort zone, but she played it well, especially when she kept on telling John Cusack to Shhhh! Tracy Ullman also played her role well alongside Jim Broadbent, and I enjoyed the whole gangster side to the film. Personally, I was expecting a typical Woody Allen movie about sex and troubled relationships, but this film wasn't that bad and I must admit, I did stay interested throughout.Budget: $20millionWorldwide Gross: $13millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen movies about a play writer whose determined to get his play on Broadway with the help from the mob. 6/10

King L (ca) wrote: Sean Connery in a film about a post apocalyptic dystopic world where people are divided between those who live immortal lives inside a perfect idyllic society and those on the outside where humans have regressed into barbarism. The first time I saw this in the theater back in the 1970s I didn't like it nor did I understand it but watching it a second time on DVD I found it very interesting. It is full of metaphors, symbolism and a commentary on society, culture, religion and science.

Jacky L (br) wrote: more smiles than guffaws but the ending was rather sweet and romantic. guess that's what movies are for. a tad overrated if i may say so.

Ryan M (ru) wrote: Very well shot...and that's it.