Sakay is a 1993 Filipino historical drama film directed by Raymond Red. The film stars Julio Diaz, Tetchie Agbayani, and Leopoldo Salcedo. The film covers the life of Filipino patriot and hero Macario Sakay, who was declared an outlaw and a criminal for continuing hostilities against the United States after the "official" end of the Philippine Insurrection.

(Tagalog with English subtitles) From acclaimed filmmaker Raymond Red-the first Filipino director to win at Cannes with his short-comes this true to life story of Macario Sakay, founder of the Tagalog Republic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nigel K (ru) wrote: I'm on my own here but I really rate this film, I love the story. Oh well, it's good to be in a minority!

Lavander B (it) wrote: I didn't know this movie was released in 2007, when I watched it I thought 1995-1999. It has that Empire State Records charm I guess. It's pretty adorable.

Rattanaporn F (ca) wrote: this movie is make me cry and accting im never know them befor but they are playing really onederfull...........and this my home town

Sharon A (mx) wrote: Good film, have to admire Mrs Crawley,otherwise known as Becky Sharp. It is just a pity that sometimes those choices did not lead to the happiness she may have wanted.

Zurino O (au) wrote: uplifting. a little over done by swayze in parts, but quite good.

Matthew P (gb) wrote: maybe shocking for 1878 but slow and plodding.

Ryan C (gb) wrote: I love when Hollywood wasn't PC...

Grami Tami N (ca) wrote: A few true-to-life chuckles... and Channing Tatum.

Collin R (au) wrote: considering the script seemed to be written on a napkin its actually quite entertaining and I expected Selena Gomez to be awful but she wasnt bad

Shaun B (us) wrote: Sci-fi B-movie that is very 80s in costume design but is fairly interesting with a decent time travel story. Unfortunately the ending is rushed and suffers from some missteps in logic. But then again, time travel isn't very logical...yet.