A young girl is sold into a red-light district brothel and tries to adapt to life as an oiran (courtesan).

A young girl is sold into the red-light district Yoshiwara and is put under the care of the oiran (lead prostitute) of the Tamakiku house. The girl is rebellious, but the more experienced people in the household begin to think that she will be one day a great oiran, since an oiran needs not only beauty and talent, but she should also have the tenacity to maintain the position. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nitin R (nl) wrote: 2.5 Stars for the music, cinematography and the witty dialogues. Nothing refreshing in the story.

Beth W (de) wrote: As usual the animation is amazing, however it is not as magical a storyline as many of the studio ghibli films. The story line takes an older child film, and a more historic focus. As an adult I enjoyed it but my 6 year old, who normally loves these was slightly bored sadly!

Luv L (mx) wrote: Trunk is an exciting thriller from beginning to end. Its a classic horror movie with a unquie twists, that keeps you wondering whats going to happen next! Death?No one thinks about the way they are going to die until their death is upon them. For Megan that time is now. After being pushed into the trunk of a car by a psychotic serial killer Megan is forced to listen to him talk about all the ways he will dispose of her. Un-wavered by the horrific stories of the deaths of his other victims Megan plays along with his sadistic game, but will her compliance help her survive or will it insure a more gruesome death?

Edward B (it) wrote: A small improvement over 2003's Malevolence, with more interesting characters and slightly better acting. Bereavement will satisfy die hard horror fans as a run of the mill gory slasher flick, but there's nothing here to attract anyone else, especially in the way of logic or an interesting narrative.

Sara G (gb) wrote: I LOVE Carol Burnett and Zooey Deschanel's voice is soo unique.

Tara M (mx) wrote: I really liked this movie and it's definitely underrated!

Calum R (ag) wrote: When I was younger, the second of the. Mighty Ducks films was my favourite. Looking at it now however, I think the first film is the best. While the sequel has its moments, it lacks a great story compared to the first film and the new characters are just there to add gimmicks to the games.

Adjia G (us) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Jay C (ag) wrote: This movie starts off looking kind of dark and interesting, and then kind of gets weird and directionless. Young kid obsessed with a gas station promotional game and goes on a massive road trip to collect the game pieces. Lots of cameos and that is probably what entertained me the most. I wanted more from this experience.

Giorgio F (ag) wrote: the first story is so and so, the second is really bad but the third is good and funny.

Ola G (br) wrote: Francisco Manoel da Silva (Klaus Kinski) is a debauched Brazilian rancher who reluctantly goes to work at a gold mining company after his ranch is ruined by drought. When he discovers that he is being financially exploited, he murders his boss and goes on the lam to pursue a career as an outlaw. He becomes the notorious Cobra Verde (Green Snake), the most vicious bandit of the servao. In his travels, da Silva encounters and subdues an escaped slave, an act that impresses wealthy sugar baron Don Octvio Coutinho (Jos Lewgoy). Don Coutinho, unaware that he is dealing with the legendary bandit, hires da Silva to oversee the slaves on his sugar plantation. When da Silva subsequently impregnates all three of the Don's daughters, the sugar baron is furious, but the situation becomes even more complicated when he discovers that da Silva is none other than the infamous Cobra Verde. As punishment, rather than kill him or have him prosecuted, Don Coutinho decides to send da Silva on the impossible mission of re-opening the slave trade with Western Africa. The bandit is aware he is likely to be killed in Africa, but accepts anyway. He travels by sea to Dahomey, West Africa, where he must negotiate with the fearsome King Bossa Ahadee of Dahomey (played by His Honor the Omanhene Nana Agyefi Kwame II of Nsein, a village north of the city of Axim, Ghana). Amazingly, da Silva succeeds in convincing the King to exchange slaves for new rifles. He takes over Elmina Castle and takes Taparica (King Ampaw), sole survivor of the previous expedition, for a partner. They begin operating the slave trade across the Atlantic to Brazil. Soon, however, the fickle king has them captured and brought before him. The King accuses da Silva of various crimes that he has no knowledge of, including poisoning the King's greyhound, and sentences him to death. He and Taparica are rescued the night prior to da Silva's decapitation by the King's nephew, who negotiates a blood alliance with da Silva, planning to overthrow the King. The ambitious bandit trains an enormous army of native women, and leads them on a raid to successfully overthrow King Bossa...In the documentary 'My Best Fiend' Herzog says that when directing Kinski in this film he found him 'uncontrollable'. I was surprised when watching it to sense that Kinski was burnt out and actually seemed too old for his role. The film opens with a Brazilian folk musician starting to sing us the 'Ballad of Cobra Verde'. Cobra Verde was the last film that Werner Herzog would make with Klaus Kinski. Their now-legendary personality conflict peaked during the film. The film's production was especially affected by Kinski's fiery outbursts. The cast and crew were continually plagued by Kinski's wrath, most famously culminating in the film's original cinematographer Thomas Mauch walking out on the project after a perpetual torrent of verbal abuse from Kinski. Herzog was forced to replace Mauch with Viktor R?i?ka. The fifth and last of the Werner Herzog/Klaus Kinski collaborations, the other four being: Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972), Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979), Woyzeck (1979) & Fitzcarraldo (1982).Its quite clear when watching "Cobra Verde" that the production was plagued by the strain between Herzog and Kinski and its also obvious that Kinski is not in balance as he seems to be playing a crazy version of himself rather than da Silva. The plot is very fluctuant, the acting everywhere and not really of quality, the editing is strange and not coherent, it has several strange scenes, the dubbing is awful and as said Kinski seems to have been close to madness during the shoot. Theres something haunting in "Cobra Verde", but it still struggles in so many ways as a film. Herzogs experimental way of shooting worked in "Aguirre, the Wrath of God", but not really here. "Cobra Verde" is a disappointment in my eyes.

Matt M (jp) wrote: Perhaps the most delightful spoof on thriller genres, certainly one of its most intelligent, Murder by Death is the tale of a murder dinner party, to which many famous detectives and investigators are invited by a mysterious figure. Written by the always interesting Neil Simon, Murder by Death is funny, with its punchy dialogue and start references to literature and cinema. However, on top of that, it is genuinely gripping and intriguing as a thriller farce. A star studded and inspired cast adds to the appeal of the film.

Anthony C (nl) wrote: Good movie but in French on Netflix.

Kevin S (nl) wrote: SUMMARY: A Salvage crew stumble upon a cruise ship that has been lost at sea since 1962. They start to see a little girl and other odd things aboard it and discover it is being controlled by a demon. REVIEW: Ghost Ship was a truly good creepy and scary movie. It grabs you and demands your attention with the very first scene. It had good scares here and there but I was expecting more of that. It does have that eerie effect and was done and acted very well. It heads in the right direction though but doesn't quite meet my quota for a horror film which is more scares. Alot of deaths I can do without because sometimes that always isn't what makes a good horror film. I would say this movie is a guilty pleasure. You want to check it out because you are curios about it. I did like it and would recommend watching it because it's good for a few scares. Unfortunately not enough to be perfect but it is a good movie to watch.

Wade K (au) wrote: A triumph of imagination, Labyrinth is Jim Henson at his best, delivering not only a wonderful cast of unique characters, but a strange and often confounding world, that never ceases to amaze.