Salala Mobiles

Salala Mobiles

A lazy young man who owns a mobile shop fells in love with a college student. He recieves an illegal mobile tapping software and starts to find fun by intruding into the conversations and ...

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Salala Mobiles torrent reviews

Stephen F (jp) wrote: Pretty funny the first time, but after that it's kind of boring.

Garrett J (us) wrote: Godawful flick. No plot, cheesy dialogue, clichd, and hokey as hell.

A C (gb) wrote: No, it will not make history in cinema or anything even close to that. It is just a plain horror flick, but it shows something I have mentioned before: even for crappy things and/or guilty pleasures, the british take the lead many, many times. I would say that Spirit Trap DOES work as a guilty pleasure. Just get in bed, get some comfort food and watch. P.S. What happened to the 2005 project of making Luke Mably a Star? I remember he was everywhere back then when he did that terrible film with the also terrible Julia Stiles. He should fire his agent, because when an actor can shine in a film like Spirit Trap, we are talking Movie Star. He fits perfectly in shoes the size of Jude Law's and Matthew Goode's; no doubt.

Jonathan F (gb) wrote: Steve Guttenberg has a movie made in the last five years?

Luis H (br) wrote: This is not a documentary about the history of the Mullet aka the "Neck Blanket", "Kentucky Waterfall", or the "Beaver Paddle", it's about the people who wear them. There's even a Side Car racer with a Skullet!

Kyle M (us) wrote: Another sci-fi space adventure/mission/expedition that takes us to Mars this time. On the ride, it can be pointed out that it's visually stunning on some levels, especially in the way of storytelling and the depiction of the subjected planet, with small, blank thrills and few flawed/ridiculous bumps and dark turns in the direction. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Film C (jp) wrote: really good is about the perfect robbery where michael caines charactor wants to steal this ornoment of a lady that is dead but its really expensive priceless in fact so he picks this ldy that looks like this guys dead wife and ends up falling in love with her but its a really good film

Judith H (au) wrote: I love this movie because I have so many childhood memories that include this movie. I still like to watch it... I think it is just funny how people used to talk German in the earlier days.

Abby N (es) wrote: It says something when you spend time of your life reviewing a movie that you loathed. Hated this so much it was worth that time. Hands down one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Not the funny kind of terrible movie where you watch it to make fun of it (love those). This is so bad it's not even laughable. An all around terrible story with a terrible delivery. All flash and effects. I hated myself for spending money on this.