Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Four fascist libertines round up nine adolescent boys and girls and subject them to one hundred and twenty days of physical, mental and sexual torture.

Four fascist libertines round up 9 teenages boys and girls and subject them to 120 days of physical, mental and sexual torture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom torrent reviews

Kurtis A (nl) wrote: apie vyrus kuriuos islaiko tevai, kurie dulkina savo draugu dukras. nesusipratimas kazkoks

House M (es) wrote: No a great movie, no great plot, just a consisting performance of Bale to keep the story going. Not a must see.

Esteban G (ru) wrote: "What if a trooper stops us? -They're not gonna stop you, you're white."Frozen River made a lot of noise in 2008 after debuting in the Sundance Film Festival and winning the Grand Jury Prize. It went on to win many other awards and even received two Academy Award nominations for best lead performance from Melissa Leo and for original screenplay written by Courtney Hunt who also directed this grim indie film. It is an impressive debut film considering the subject matter usually doesn't attract much attention. The story centers on a mother who's left with the task of raising her to children on her own after her husband has abandoned them ten days before Christmas. He took off with the money that her wife had been saving. It takes place in Massena, New York, near the Canadian border where a Mohawk reservation exists. She meets a Mohawk named Lila and circumstances lead her to smuggle illegal immigrants across a frozen river in order to sustain her family. Frozen River is a character study of a hard willed woman who is determined to do what it takes to provide for her children. It can be a challenging watch for the audience, but Melissa Leo's authentic performance makes it an engaging one. There are very few films that center around strong female characters, and Courtney Hunt has directed and written a powerful one. This film reminds me a lot of Winter Bone (which came out a couple of years later) which also benefited from a strong female performance. It is a tale of endurance and focuses on the American underclass that very seldom is portrayed on film in an authentic manner. I enjoyed this film so much that I'm actually looking forward to Hunt's next film (The Whole Truth) which will be released this year. Melissa Leo deservedly received an Oscar nod for her performance and I think this was the perfect role for her. She has this authentic look and is credible as a single mother who is willing to do what it takes to get out of her current situation. Her chemistry with Misty Upham is what makes this film standout. Upham is also given a strong female character to play and she delivers a strong performance. She and Leo's character both are going through difficult moments in their lives struggling with poverty. They are matched together by the circumstances they are facing despite their differences and that relationship is the heart of the film. The kids played by Charlie McDermott and James Reilly are both solid, but the female characters are the heart and soul of this film. The scenery also plays a huge role in this film considering the harsh and freezing conditions are transmitted to the characters in the story. They struggle and battle with the adversities presented in their lives with fearless strength. It is a small gritty indie drama that is worth checking out, especially if you were a fan of Winter's Bone.

Isabelle S (ag) wrote: Rien voir avec le livre, malheureusement.

Kevin J (jp) wrote: This is really a fun and interesting moving about the history of surfing on the North Shore and California coast. Having lived in Hawaii for awhile I have a greater appreication for the sport and the people that made it. Recommend this movie for a day when you need a pick me up to get you motivated

Dylan H (br) wrote: Although it finds itself dragging every now and then, Road to Perdition is immensely emotional and a beautiful second entry from Mendes.

Alice S (fr) wrote: one of the most disturbing and uncomfortable opening scenes i've ever seen. if you can get past the first scene then it gets slightly easier to watch. very unique imagery.

Missy R (ag) wrote: I'm in love with James Caan. It's so cute and funny and Jeff Bridges is AMAZINGLY ADORABLE!

Cole B (ag) wrote: Fassbinder's minimalistic commentary on xenophobia, among other things, is interesting, but this film isn't for anyone, for its bleakness and methodical pacing will put off.

Private U (de) wrote: a sequel to Village of the Damned but with none of the original characters or setting. a decent enough idea at the start but it fell to pieces halfway through -- BADLY. not recommended.

Ills G (kr) wrote: This is the true Opus One of William Wyler career: a sophisticated, complex, advanced moral film for the adult audience.

Barry T (de) wrote: An Oldie but such a fantastic goodie. Collette proves why she is such a great actress in this bitter sweet tale of weddings. PJ Hogamn has never anything as good agin

Fernando B (mx) wrote: This movie blow my life, is perfect in all senses.

Chloe C (jp) wrote: Credible acting all around except that the plot was tedious and purposely disjointed. The motivation for lies may be self-preservation/interest and in this case, fodder for great fiction. Don't watch this movie when you're exhausted, sad or bored.

Deanna B (au) wrote: Only reason this gets 4 stars is because the Mentos segment rocked this film and I can personally say you're welcome as I totally helped make that come to life! ~

Guye J (br) wrote: I enjoyed this 1997 movie! Sigourney Weaver(known in the "Aliens" movies) did a great job playing the wicked stepmother! Also I like Sam Neil's role as the father! The only disappointment was there was no seven dwarfs. There was only one dwarf and other six was normal size men. The twist in the movie was the prince had an affair with the stepmother and the stepdaughter Lilly fell in love with one of the six normal six men.