Salting the Battlefield

Salting the Battlefield

David Hare concludes his trilogy of films about MI5 renegade Johnny Worricker with another fugue on power, secrets and the British establishment. Johnny Worricker goes on the run with Margot Tyrell across Europe, and with the net closing in, the former MI5 man knows his only chance of resolving his problems is to return home and confront prime minister Alec Beasley.

"Salting the Battlefield" concentrates on The Johnny Worricker Spy and his girlfriend, Margot. They are criss-crossing Europe to get away from the secret services of the British prime minister Alec Beasley, who still carries a grudge on him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob D (es) wrote: I really enjoyed this. Love the cast and its just my kind of film. A slow burner but one that rewards the viewer.

Byron B (gb) wrote: A filmmaker's nightmare. The documentarians look at the history of earlier Don Quixote films not coming to fruition. Occasionally they use Gilliam style animation. Then Gilliam and his international cast and crew begin making the film. The casts' schedules can barely be coordinated. Jean Rochefort has major health issues during filming. The producers blame everything on the assistant director. And a flash flood carries away equipment. We see concept art and a few shots that were filmed. The common Gilliam themes of dreams vs. reality present in the Don Quixote story are mirrored in a way in the filmmakers' efforts.

Private U (fr) wrote: I couldn't finish this movie because it was late, but the idea was really fascinating. There is a lot of subtle humor that plays on Middle East social customs, etc...

Tom B (ca) wrote: The secrets we keep in our hearts can carry a big weight with those who love us. To hide something is to turn away, and hidden emotions are what nurture the lives clustered around this story. Emotional truth or consequences. The lantana is an Australian flower with tiny flowrets. The people in Lanata are individuals clustered around a main focus. This film is a thriller and a detective story in location only. The real story is the drama of deception and the heartache and struggle to become true. Becoming true is the outcome of all growth. The story is a multi-plot in the tradition of Magnolia, coming after Magnolia but before Crash. The three films are a distinct match in this way. Lantana is the most subdued of the three, and in some areas the more subtle, but also in some areas the themes are more close to home for the average person. In this respect it's a decidedly Australian film, about real people, instead of a somewhat larger-than-life American-style film where the people and dramas are extreme. We found it satisfying and thoughtful and well worth the journey. The end revealed it was based on a stage play and there is a play-like feeling to it. It is perhaps not as cinematic as some films in that respect, relying heavily on dialogue and scenes with less in the way of camera narrative, but the story is highly compelling and the acting a pleasure. A real treat to see Barbara Hershey. Lots of layers in the strong writing in this strong film.

Pongsatorn S (jp) wrote: The first time,the movie looks nothing interesting,but the performance of everyone make the movie funny espescial when Elle in the court and asking questions to the man who is gay. Ask a huge set of questions makes him reveal his secret.

Shreeram S (kr) wrote: @RottenTomatoes. Wrong mvie info. And the movie is 1ce watchable for sure., Take ur kids. They will love it :)

Jamie J (au) wrote: That a person could make both this film AND 29 Palms just goes to show how random the world is. This film is a dime, I'm partially in love with it.

Mark A (us) wrote: Only because of Kate Winslet do I round this up to four stars. One of the strongest actors working in film today, she is radiantly beautiful, even in this overpoweringly sad adaptation of Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. This viewer felt as though this were the Cliff Notes version of Hardy's weighty tome. So much of this seemed glossed over, with Jude's (Christopher Eccleston) seduction by, marriage to, and separation from Arabella (Rachel Griffith) taking place in the first ten minutes. The whole film came off that way. Maybe this suffers from comparison to the last film this viewer watched (and reviewed) which chose an entirely different approach to a long novel and achieved a brilliant result. The defining tragedy here nearly broke this viewer's heart, but was telegraphed long before the actual events unfolded. Whether this was the fault of the filmmakers or is inherent to the novel is irrelevant. One wonders why this film had to be made. Still, it was nice to see both Rachel Griffith and Kate Winslet, even if the film was less than satisfactory.

Elise C (mx) wrote: Funny (or not funny?) how Sally Field and Tom Hanks are the only stand up comics from that line up that were funny. Pretty good movie. The two main characters are likeable and it was better than I expected.

Chastity D (ru) wrote: I loved this movie when I was a kid!

Margarita S (fr) wrote: I absolutely loved the casting and script and flavour of the movie up until the end of the engagement party scene. After that, the movie suddenly lost steam. The mood did a complete 180 and concluding the film became clunky, drawn out and awkward.

Daniel D (ca) wrote: Entertaining Schwarzenegger film. He really shows off his softer side well here.