Saluda al diablo de mi parte

Saluda al diablo de mi parte

A former guerrilla is reluctantly drawn into the vengeance scheme of one of his victims.

A former guerrilla is reluctantly drawn into the vengeance scheme of one of his victims. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Naomi R (de) wrote: Stalked at what it's about. There's a girl, who's 17, and she gets stalked. It's a modern midday movie, and explains why there's no actual picture for the cover o.O

ala b (nl) wrote: A powerful movie exposing not only the struggle of a young man in prison, but also many societal problem in a country that seems, like the protagonist, simply stuck.

scott g (it) wrote: A decent enough australian thriller concerning 3 school friends, finding a body, being baried by a suburban family man, they try to get him to kill a bully for them, but it doesent work out as simple as that and some mind games ensue. some good moments, while its nothing great going on, its not dull at any time. and a midway minor twist working good things

HHRROCKS (us) wrote: funny ,nice and romantic

Rosario G (fr) wrote: Someone please explain why "The Shawshank Redemption" is seen as a superior movie of damn near the same subject matter... Shawshank is Sesame Street compared to the more adult and aberrant Alcatraz.

Knox M (es) wrote: Nothing short of brilliant!

Jon Mikel B (jp) wrote: Comparing with the predecessor, this film is better, it returns us to provide good material and interesting. In this part they take us to know the consequences of how it all began gradually.

Sirisha S (fr) wrote: I watched this at outdoor school! it was a blast! but the movie was ok.......

Eric H (us) wrote: With an all star cast that creates all star roles this movie is one of the best. Sweet Smell of Success is a certified classic.From the opening credits to the climatic ending, the scintillating dialogue and the magnetic performances from both Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis this is Hollywood at its cerebral best. The king of the thinking mans cinema. Has better dialogue ever been written, the meetings between all the different characters that inhabit this world of shadows and intrigue, constantly draw the viewers attention to this masterpiece. When the so called film buffs compile there lists of the "best" films and so on, this should always be talked of in the top five and yet though recognised more as the years go by this is still a highly overlooked film. That Marlon Brando, De niro, Nicholson and the like should be recognised so often in said lists when Burt Lancaster in this film and in so many others has equalled or surpassed there best performances is a real scandal. Perhaps because this film strikes at the very heart of the establishment and shows the media and press up for the unscrupulous scum they are that this is one those fellows would like to forget. It is always difficult to look the truth of oneself in the mirror and this is one mirror the media should look very closely at. A masterpiece from Lancaster, who's courage never failed when making films and was always ready to tackle the kind of film making that lesser men would not have dared to, not to mention casting himself in a "bad guy" role that defied his heroic, handsome leading man status. Let us not forget that this is the same man who through out his life was never afraid to speak out on subjects that were important to him, a life long liberal and contemptuous of anyone who excepted limitation. I love this film and both Lancaster and the picture were far ahead of their time.This movie, like so many classics of its period, is great to view, in its own right - but doubly so as an historic, nostalgic view of a time past.

Justin S (fr) wrote: This is the kind of film that makes me want to be a better human. Gary Cooper is an inspiration.

Dustin D (jp) wrote: Rodriguez's El Mariachi trilogy rounds out with this minor epic. The pace is relentless and the story convoluted, but the set pieces are characteristically inventive, over-the-top and fun.