Chandra is the editor of the newspaper 'Addam'. He has a gang of friends who help him with the operations. Chandra is a victim of home minister Raju who murdered his father. Chandra wants ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:blackmail,   corruption,  

Chandra is the editor of the newspaper 'Addam'. He has a gang of friends who help him with the operations. Chandra is a victim of home minister Raju who murdered his father. Chandra wants ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William F (it) wrote: Irresistible and disappointing.

Brett W (de) wrote: Terrible, but couldn't stop watching. I appreciated the cameos as well. Still mad that the "Evil Bong 3D" screening event in Atlanta was cancelled earlier this year...

Leo D (jp) wrote: It's all about Jack Nicholson performance, god what an amazing actor.

Chris W (jp) wrote: Picking up a few years where the first film left off, we follow lovable absent minded inventor Wayne Szalinski as he once again deals with the aftermath of one of his inventions acting up.This time around he accidentally turns his two year-old son Adam into a giant, and not just that, but Adam gets larger every time he comes into contact with electricity.This is really not all that different from the first, but I liked how instead of doing the exact same thing, they flipped it in the other direction. It's also cool that the main cast playing the Szalinski's return, though it sucks that Amy O'Neil is only in it for about 2 minutes. As the latest addition to the Szalinski clan, Joshua and Daniel Shalikar are fun as Adam, and the filmmakers do a good job working with such a young performer. Other newcomers include Keri Russell as a love interest for Nick, and John Shea as a slimy rival scientist who takes over Wayne's project. This is a fun, but sometimes silly and corny movie. It's not as good as the first, but I still like it. The practical effects are well done, but the computer generated ones are kinda dated and poor. But the film is pretty creative with how they portray the scenario, even if none of it feels all that fresh.It's a pretty breezy film, and, while that's not a terrible thing, I think this could have actually been a tad longer and really tried to develop characters and subplots a bit more. That's just me though. All in all, I'm probably giving this a bit much credit, but I don't care. I think it's funny, it's an innocent family film, and, while nostalgia plays a big role for me, I still think this is an enjoyable film worth checking out.

Karen W (ru) wrote: A fun, silly, romantic comedy set in London when I was living there too. So funny, but cringe worthy too!

Martin T (de) wrote: Less zany than Kusturica's later films, more slow and somber. Still a good movie, though. A bit slow in the middle, maybe. It could use a little more humor and pizzazz... you can sense Kusturica's playful spirit just starting to surface around the edges.

Leonard D (de) wrote: Even though Walt Disney himself claims that he didn't like the art style of this film, I kind of beg to differ. The quality of this art style is what makes it timeless, along with some great memorable characters! A wonderful tale about dogs finding their way back home!

Joe E (kr) wrote: it's the duke, what more is tere to say..

Jordan D (ag) wrote: my favourite documantery. there is no denying R. Crumbs talent but why the movie is so fascinating is that it is an intimate portrait of a private man and his mentally unstable family. only because of Terry Zwigoffs friendship with Crumb do we get invited in. Zwigoff is tender portraying his subjects yet there is no denying the pathos at work here. An intensely honest character study.

Adam R (es) wrote: Completely asinine. A terrible movie that will destroy your brain cells. (First and only viewing - 6/19/2012)

Novak R (de) wrote: reply to Greg Chapman: mate, ppl have died of bird flu known as H5N1 virus mostly in 2006 and mainly in eastern countries. This movie lacks many thing, i was expecting more dynamic development like in "Out Brake" movie.