Singer Laura Monteiro (Montiel) is murdered by her old protector João Fernandes de Oliveira (Giachetti), who has found out her love affair with Assis (Carlos Alberto). Favela-girl Belén (also Montiel) is the look-alike who takes her place, unaware she is being used by a gang that smuggles precious stones sewn in Carnival costumes. Written by fabreu

The Brazilian singer Laura Monteiro is murdered in her dressing-room by her jealous lover João Fernandes de Oliveira that discovered that she was cheating him with Assis and she intends to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin J (nl) wrote: This is one of my many guilty pleasure movies. I love the action, I love that there is little to no sexual jokes, and I love the cast.

Xaib (gb) wrote: Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Brhl do a fine job of drawing us into their characters, but because 'The Fifth Estate' is an uneven and sometimes confusing thriller, it's not enough.

Dean R (ag) wrote: I would rather stick my junk in a blender than have to sit through this abomination again. Any Film that can cast Tara Reid and Tito "I will beat my wife like Ken Shamrock" Ortiz together needs a warning label and a free spoon to scoop out your eyeballs so you don't have to see it...

Sarah L (ag) wrote: To many twists and turns and confusion in this film to make it any good.

Tyler S (fr) wrote: This was a pretty silly, cheesy film, but both actors saved the blasphemy with their own dose of comic relief. Steve Martin flies to New York for a job interview with his wife, only to encounter disaster for a small town rural couple. They experience stuff of extreme silliness, but get by with their charm and likability. The movie is predictable but fun in the end. Average comic film.

Mary K (ag) wrote: I cried and cried, Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason, how could you go wrong?

Olivier D (es) wrote: A beautiful western about struggle between whites and Kiowas but also between two brothers because one is half-breed by his mother. An action movie with an emotional part.

Masorad (kr) wrote: The third installment continues the winning formula. Powell's savoir-faire, Loy's droll take on motherhood & second-fiddling (in gumshoing and sexual conquest), the Clue (Cluedo) type denouement. Nick from "It's a Wonderful Life" is in there somewhere. An urbane fairy-tale with cocktails, wit, murder and that ineffable something.

Kaleigh R (gb) wrote: It's a very sad movie and true story

Guido S (ca) wrote: Martin Lawrence and Paul Giamatti are FBI agents who move into the house across from Big Momma's House in order to surveillance her house since the girlfriend of a known felon is on the loose and might try to contact her. Eventually, BIg Momma has to leave to help her friend and Lawrence decides to step in to try and keep the girlfriend from leaving. This has some pretty funny moments, even if it is a copy of Mrs. Doubtfire. There really isn't much to the plot, the whole thing with Terrence Howard on the loose is not very critical and doesn't really add much to the film other than to give a reason for Lawrence and Giamatti to move in. He really doesn't do anything till the end of the film. Otherwise, a pretty good film, which sort of outstays its welcome.

Valentina N (it) wrote: this Candyman makes the world taste BAD...

Seth K (fr) wrote: A formuluaic movie. The mentor and protege (shades of The Karate Kid among other movies), the new kid in town (The Karate Kid again), the nerdy girl who falls for the cute football hero - we've seen all this before. That said, Mickey Rourke is a national treasure, Nat Wolff displays a range of emotions and rises above the material, and Emma Roberts is cute and viviacious. Oh, and let's not forget some fine character actors in small roles. Worth seeing for Mickey and some nice, heartfelt moments.