A love story situated in the Himalayas. A Buddhist monk can't choose between life and the way of the Buddha.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Tibetan,Ladakhi,Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   beating,   horse,  

A spiritual love-story set in the majestic landscape of Ladakh, Himalayas. Samsara is a quest; one man's struggle to find spiritual Enlightenment by renouncing the world. And one woman's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill B (mx) wrote: Super-average horror, whose only novelty for me was it being set in a Scottish location and the presence of James Nesbitt. I enoyed it well enough at times, but the CGI gets pretty rough at times and kills a lot of enthusiasm I might've had for things.Rental?

Lee H (jp) wrote: An interesting idea for a film. Quite enjoyable but not something I would watch again. In some places the acting was a bit poor unfortunately.

Charlie G (us) wrote: How many times can they make the same movie?

WS W (gb) wrote: A fair softcore porn + thriller. It's got nothing to do with [8mm] at all besides the franchised title.

Preston B (es) wrote: Funny ,Just funnyNot bad Not great Just funnyBut needs more beetle juiceNeeds just more beetle juice That's all I want just a bit more beetle juice Crap I said it three times AAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

Allan C (it) wrote: Lame sequel to the classic original film. Like the originals, the film features a couple Golden Age of Hollywood actors, with William Holden and Lee Grant taking care of Damien, the son of Satan, and placing him at a military school. Most of the film is Damien being unwittingly evil. The film does take an interesting turn when Damien realized he actually is the son of Satan. A film about a character coming to grips with the fact that they are going to be the downfall of mankind would have been an interesting story (even if it conflicts with the first film where it was pretty clear that Damien knew who he was). However, that's not at all the focus of this film. Most of the film seems to focus on creative death scenes, the same as the original and years later the same as the "Final Destination" films would make their main focus. I will give the filmmakers credit for the hockey death scene, where a boy falls through the ice and is swept downriver under the ice as onlookers are unable to do anything but watch. Other death scenes are intricate and fantastic, but there really aren't all that memorable. Also, a film focused merely on death scenes is pretty thin and that's where this film falters. The original film focused on Gregory Peck coming to grips that his son is really the son of Satan and had to be killed. This film had a similar story with William Holden realizing that his young charge is the son of Satan and must be killed, but his film lacked the emotional resonance of the first film and also focused a good deal on Damien as well, which I think was a mistake. Not that sequels have to always be slavish to their progenitor, but this film seemed a lot like the unnecessary "Rosemary's Baby" sequel "Whatever Happened to Rosemary's Baby?" The baby in the first film was not really a character at all, so making a film about that character is a pretty big stretch from the original story and this film seemed like a pretty big stretch from the original too. SPOILER ALERT! The third and final sequel when so afar from the original, where Damien is a high powered politician, that it kind of gave the series an epic scope and was clearly trying to do something quite different from the original film. This sequel however, seems like a placeholder story and didn't really introduce much new or interesting. Overall, it's a well crafted film with quality folks both in front of and behind the camera, but the end product is pretty weak.

Scott S (br) wrote: I Want to Live! (1958) -- [7.0] -- Don't let the melodramatic title fool you. This is actually a well grounded work of drama (based on a true story). Susan Hayward won the best actress Oscar playing Barbara Graham, a woman sentenced to death for a murder she didn't commit. Most movies in the 50s (and probably today) would make her character cloyingly sympathetic and in the end, she'd prove her innocence before ever stepping foot into the gas chamber. But Robert Wise's movie is more sophisticated than that. Graham is an irascible floozy and the ending is far from pat. Hayward gives a superbly layered performance, balancing Graham's anger and terror, and engendering sympathy from the viewer, despite being unable to do so with the judge and jury. I also liked the jazzy musical score. (On a sidenote, seeing this movie gives me a greater appreciation of Robert Altman's spoofing at the end of The Player.)

ryan m (ru) wrote: I suppose this is what started the sci-fi genre in the first place, but man this movie sucks!!

Captain Kickass (it) wrote: Mae West was awesome in this movie.

Jens S (us) wrote: Buddy comedy by the numbers, entertaining but forgettable, especially when you care little about what's going on on the screen and you're ultimately wondering what all the fuzz was all about. Only the protagonists' chemistry makes this somewhat watchable.

Areeque T (us) wrote: Storyline is more or less identical to any other 'joe-schmo-gone-drug-kingpin" movie. Being based on a true story makes it quite interesting. Casting is meh. Rampant nudity for better or for worse. Good enough stoner flick I suppose (pun definitely intended).

Andrea N (ru) wrote: OMG How Gay...I remember when I saw this I was sooo scared & spooked....What a geek! LOL....Nice story line...what was it again! LOL