Samurai Spy

Samurai Spy

Years of warfare end in a Japan unified under the Tokugawa shogunate, and samurai spy Sasuke Sarutobi, tired of conflict, longs for peace. When a high-ranking spy named Tatewaki Koriyama defects from the shogun to a rival clan, however, the world of swordsmen is thrown into turmoil. After Sasuke is unwittingly drawn into the conflict, he tracks Tatewaki, while a mysterious, white-hooded figure seems to hunt them both. By tale’s end, no one is who they seemed to be, and the truth is far more personal than anyone suspected. Director Masahiro Shinoda’s Samurai Spy, filled with clan intrigue, ninja spies, and multiple double crosses, marks a bold stylistic departure from swordplay film convention.

The legendary samurai Sasuke Sarutobi tracks the spy Nojiri, while a mysterious figure named Sakon leads a band of men on their own quest for the wily Nojiri. Soon no one knows just who is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas Y (ru) wrote: Good performances & not a bad movie by any means. It's just below average on an interest level as both a sports movie & biopic.

Jens S (gb) wrote: A classic Die Hard premise, very professionally executed by the master of destruction. When the film doesn't take itself too seriously while kicking ass, it works like a charm. Unfortunately, some scenes are so silly they're almost unintentionally funny (POTUS + bazooka on White House lawn car chase) and the flag waving finale is way too much. But other than that this is pretty solid and entertaining action cinema.

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Senor C (br) wrote: I am a fan of Canadian films made in the 70s but more often then not because of their lack of funding & low budget look they hardly ever amount to something exceptional. The Keeper suffers because of these things but does have a few strength namely having Christopher Lee in it's cast. Mostly watchable because of him (but I might jut be saying that as a fan) he keeps this film afloat. LOOK INTO THE EYE is a new saying of mine. It does have a novel idea of a asylum that uses hypnotic methods on its patients & borders on psychotronic @ times but one a whole is a bit flat. Ross Vezarian as Inspector Clarke does supply some nice comic relief w/ his performance alone & although enjoyable doesn't fit as everybody else plays it straight. Moments of goodness but far too often a bit thin & dull

Benjy B (ag) wrote: Fantastic performance from Robin Williams - a glimpse of his darker side.

Bill C (de) wrote: Grandeur and reverence are best served cold and in small portions. This form will always walk a fine line between genuine sanctuary and pomposity; it has yet to be defined. The Michael Stearns score is pedestrian and occasionally oppressive. The real life, real time sound-tracked segments work well. The gold standard 70mm cinematography is too often squandered.

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