San Antonio

San Antonio

Rancher Clay Hardin arrives in San Antonio to search for and capture Roy Stuart, notorious leader of a gang of cattle rustlers. The vicious outlaw is indeed in the Texan town, intent on winning the affections of a beautiful chanteuse named Jeanne Starr. When the lovely lady meets and falls in love with the charismatic Hardin, the stakes for both men become higher.

Tough dance hall girl working for the local villain falls for a cowboy trying to clean up the town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe F (ca) wrote: A sonic and visual treat through one families strength in humanity through tragedy without ever dwelling too long on loss.

Stevie J (fr) wrote: :D Really good to look back in the day of VHS

Dee P (mx) wrote: film gak jelas...... mo sambi gits juga tetep aja gaks jelass....... serem kagak, cerita ngga ada, pemain klas bawah dg ekting seadanya.... benerannya pen ngasi nilai 0... tapi upah kringet lah

ane t te c (mx) wrote: Oh this is so poor. The glorification of people doing drugs just bugs me, and I'm one who is fascinated by portraits of addicts ("Candy", "Spun" etc.)! It is very uneven and probably could have used a little more editing, perhaps the director's vision was for it to be uneven and aspiring to make the movie resemble a delerium but the end result is not satifactory. On the up hand there are a few interesting stories told here and especially the part where Milos Forman talks about a party and the waterfalls down the stairs is entertaining as well as Ethan Hawke's parts are (great impression on that Arthur Miller-Marilyn Monroe thing!). One thing that also struck me watching this, is how there doesn't seem to be many women living at the Chealsea. It is in deed a mans world and the film somewhat ends up focusing on these big men that have unbelievable stories to tell. (Some while obviously intoxicated). So what about the rating then? The film stirs up some emotions and is entertaining but not like other [better] documentaries, so I'll have to leave it with two and a half poor stars. I'd advice one who is extremely interested in the Chelsea to see it, but if you know nothing about the hotel, don't waste your time.

Dy M (us) wrote: How I wish I could also experience such thing hahaha love the romantic place in Verona, Italy :-)

Brian B (kr) wrote: Poor Bruce Campbell and Ernie Hudson. Both are actually above this crap. Yes, even Bruce is. He's got plenty of charisma to make it outside of the B-Movies that he keeps making. Ernie has no excuse. He used to be an A lister.

Jerry D (au) wrote: Saw this once a long time ago. Forgot how mind trippy it was.

Luke H (ag) wrote: Lovely coming of age set in the South of USA during the great depression. Stirring performance from Laura Dern and Diane Ladd. Very enjoyable and touching film especially of the relationship between Rose and Buddy and Rose and Mrs Hillyer.

Tanner B (kr) wrote: Deliverance (1972) ????Galvanizing, realistic story of four friends who go canoeing on the dangerous waters of the Cahulawassee River and find it a trip they'll never forget. An American classic, and perhaps the most terrifying non-horror film ever made. "Dueling Banjos", first encounter with frightening back-country men, and climax on mountain are unforgettable highlights. Phenomenal editing by Tom Priestley, exhilarating river sequences are tip of the iceberg.

Pep L (ag) wrote: Supposedly based on real missions in which everyone was apparently killed, just how accurate this movie is is anyone's guess. Highlights include the very talented and cute Sylvia Chang and listening to Mel Gibson's Australian accent.

Weul S (ca) wrote: Hitchcock returns home for this sadistic tale of a rapist-murderer & the down-on-his-luck man wrongfully suspected.

Wayne K (it) wrote: Robin Williams truly throws himself into one of his first major movie roles, blending his skill for both on-the-fly comedic routines and teary-eyed gravitas. The first half of the movie is excellent, with Williams' improvised DJ routines entertaining the troops and riling up the top brass at the same time. Plenty of great gags are delivered in these scenes and you may have to watch the film several times to pick up on them all, and the supporting cast all contribute their own unique elements. But rather than blending the importance of humour in difficult situations with the shocking realities of war, at the half way point the film hits the sentiment button, and hits it hard. The laughs almost completely dry up and we are forced to endure a stiff march through the motions. It doesn't sink completely, largely thanks to Williams' sympathetic portrayal, and overall the film is very enjoyable, if fairly unbalanced. Were it not for the dynamism of the central performance it could have been a colossal misfire, but as is, it's often funny, occasionally poignant, and definitely worth the watch.