Sanai Choughade

Sanai Choughade

Sayee, an orphan, is living with her cousin, URMILA and her husband SHRIKANT, a childless couple who belong to the upper strata of the society. Taking full responsibility as her guardians ...

Sayee, an orphan, is living with her cousin, URMILA and her husband SHRIKANT, a childless couple who belong to the upper strata of the society. Taking full responsibility as her guardians ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris S (de) wrote: They shouldn't have pretended that this had anything to do with chess

Raviteja P (de) wrote: a riveting verity, but the less stars corresponds to one-time watch factor...properly dealt in mixing the elements without getting muddled.

Carreh R (us) wrote: I did not find the manufactured landscapes beautiful. I found them disturbing. I think the idea and cinematography are great however I found I just didn't really enjoy the documentary as it was disturbing. I realize that is what it is supposed to be however.

Elma M (ca) wrote: In Thailand, Ton Chatree is sent to a boarding school by his father . He becomes scared with the ghost stories his new schoolmates tell about a boy that died in the swimming pool and a young pregnant woman that committed suicide.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dorm is a supernatural ghost movie that tackles life about friendship, relationship, care, concern and a lot is not a horror or scary as compared to most Asian Movies I've seen but this is quite interesting, touching & entertaining...Great movie!

Brad S (ru) wrote: Another classic from my past...very low budget, but some bright spots...

Tyler S (mx) wrote: Mostly ho-hum 70s sci-fi with just enough peek-a-boo nudity and neat-o miniature space ships to hold my attention. Btw, the miniature effects shots are all recycled from "Starcrash."

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Walter M (ru) wrote: After serving a prison sentence for stealing a cardigan from a co-worker, Anita(Alexandra Kruge) is released on probation. Sadly, her first job in an office does not work out. So, maybe her next job as a salesperson for language records will work out better. "Yesterday Girl" is an engaging critique of capitalism that owes more to the playfulness of the French New Wave than Italian Neorealism. Of which, it is probably no coincidence that Anita is originally from Leipzig in East Germany. It is no surprise that she is unable to adjust to West Germany, where everybody is selling something, considering that after landing a job, she is told by her supervisor to be grateful to a higher being.(I could never imagine this happening today in real life, but as a few commencement speaches by well-heeled people have revealed recently, there are those who feel exactly this way.) Nor is this the last time religion is mentioned in this movie. Even though she is judged at every turn when her worst crime is a lack of property, forcing her to steal, she carries on, regardless.

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Cita W (ag) wrote: It's actually hilarious.

Sachin B (it) wrote: Only because Amanda Seyfried was in it.