Sanam Teri Kasam

Sanam Teri Kasam

Sanam Teri Kasam is the story of Sunil and his search for his father who has gone somewhere when Sunil was just a child. He meets Reena Roy en-route who leads him to his father Kader Khan. But unfortunately, somebody else (Ranjeet) has already been planted by Jeevan as Sunil and hence, Kader Khan neither recognises his real son, nor allows him to meet Reena Roy. In the end however, every hurdle is removed and all is well. The film is also known for its super hit songs, especially 'nisha, nisha, nisha'. The other songs 'sheeshe ke gharon mein', 'kitne bhi tu kar le sitam' were also hit.

Sunil and his father, Wilson, con a rich man into believing that Sunil is his long lost son. Only the mother, who is also separated from her husband, the rich man, can identify who her son ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara E (nl) wrote: i think is realy a pretty movie

Frank B (nl) wrote: I think this is funny but it you don't like cuss words or bad language don't watch lol

Megan W (au) wrote: This was really good. The 12 year old girl was kinda mean and bratty at first, but then she started to be nicer. Also, the ending was great!

Mark A (au) wrote: This could have been titled Believe in Me, My Love. The people in this film all have issues with confidence, exasperated by the fact that no one believes in their abilities. Carlos (Fabrizio Bentivoglio) has an unfinished book he has been writing for years. It remains unfinished because his wife, Giulia (Laura Morante) thinks it of no consequence. Giulia, meanwhile, gave up her acting career because Carlos told her she didn't have the talent to continue. The story is built on this foundation and presents to us two people who must seek validation outside of their relationship. In many ways, this is a sad tale of two people who love each other, but the pieces just don't seem to fit. This viewer found the juxtaposition of the husband and wife seeking to fulfill their dreams separately to be moving and somewhat emotionally draining. The arguments that ensue as each discovers what the other is up to present some classic screaming fits by Giulia that would have added a comical touch, if they had been a little less numerous. Meanwhile their two kids are struggling with finding their own way. The daughter pursues a dream and uses her body to achieve it, while the son just tries to make friends and hook up with the girl of his dreams. The film was well done. The pacing and the music enhanced the story as it unfolded. One felt that one was eavesdropping on these people and their lives. An intimate film that invites us in without being intrusive.

Mark M (it) wrote: Dog Soldiers does what it sets out to do, which is to provide a thoroughly entertaining adult film through high impact gore and action at the expense of British soldiers having their heads thrown at car windshields by 7" tall werewolves.

k a t i e (it) wrote: Believe it or not, this was actually an okay movie. I came across it one late night while surfing movie channels. I thought it was a pretty cute love story that shows everyone falls in love. I wouldn't recommend close minded people to watch it, though, haha. I liked this movie.

Francisco F (us) wrote: L'histoire est remarquable : c'est moins un western qu'un drame heroique. McQueen est, lui aussi, parfait, dans un jeu tout en secheresse. Mais William Wiard, qu'on a appele pour remplacer Don Siegel qui avait abandonne le projet, n'est pas la hauteur de son scenario et de son acteur.

Robert P (it) wrote: Loved this movie as a scared me :)

Miguel A (gb) wrote: Na definio do que haveria de ser o cinema de Sam Peckinpah, se calhar no existe um filme to decisivo como "Ride the High Country". Quase todas as marcas que distinguem Peckinpah esto bem vista: a acumulao de tenso interrompida com timings precisos, a importncia das cenas cerimoniosas, a ideia de que o homem idiota e mal-formado tambm o mais assustador. Alm disso, Peckinpah tem em "Ride the High Country" uma conjunto de personagens que lhe serve perfeitamente explorao de um dos seus temas mais transversais: a tica e os princpios do homem adaptam-se s circunstncias e o melhor ou o pior de cada um por vezes s aparece em situaes-limite. Reparar que todas essas caractersticas surgem perfeitamente amadurecidas, naquele que apenas o segundo filme de Peckinpah, o que basta para respeitarmos ainda mais o homem. O tempo que tudo destri vai ter srias dificuldades em fazer desaparecer a excelncia Metrocolor de "Ride the High Country".

Holly D (us) wrote: Colin Hanks is the only reason I liked this movie. I like him more and more with every movie I see him in and his acting abilities are getting stronger with each one. His fuzzy little beard was cute in this too. :P The plot left something to be desired as it kept fumbling about. It felt like somebody was writing it from scene to scene, instead of having it all cleverly planned out before. I wasn't fond of Rachel Blanchard either. She's pretty and all, but it drives me crazy when people pronounce words ending in -ing like they end in -een.

Private U (it) wrote: Pretty good even with random bursting into song. Angela Lansbury was HILARIOUS! But then again most righ biggots are always good for a laugh. This one had some more familiar songs from Elivs too.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Sympathetic frontier story, but fairly one-dimensional.

Luke H (kr) wrote: It was a little slow at times, but I enjoyed it.

Spencer K (ca) wrote: a damn fun 80's horror film with some creepy ass monsters, visually stunning designs, and overall sense of terror and fun at the same time.

Kevin N (ag) wrote: Val Lewton and his band of ambitious genre directors were a big part of my formative years, and this quiet little shocker boasts some of the most memorable images from any of the films he produced. In a twisted rendition of Jane Eyre, the story concerns a young woman named Betsy (Frances Dee) who takes a job as a personal nurse on a West Indies island, only to find herself mixed up in a strange land where voodoo holds a power that has overshadowed medicine, and dark secrets keep the doctors and educated men cowering in their mansions behind drink and loneliness. The film contains a terrific performance by Lewton regular Tom Conway, an actor I've always loved watching. He has a natural charm about him, yet in this film he displays wonderfully controlled undertones of anger and fear. He is the movie's most complex person, stuck in a limbo between delusion and reality, chained by things that he believes but cannot understand. Jacques Tourneur, the great underrated director of such masterpieces as 'Cat People' and 'Out of the Past', helmed this project with both his dependable eye for artistically lit composition and his no-nonsense sense of pacing. It is a tight and concise horror film which shows us some terrifying things and suggests some far stranger than anything we see.