Sandu Follows the Sun

Sandu Follows the Sun

A story about a boy walking across the town following sun.

A story about a boy walking across the town following sun. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sherif F (kr) wrote: its all about martial arts and tried to create some weak drama but they failed the movie sucks and nothing interesting and as usual adkins doesn't talk only fighting so i can't judge if he is an actor or not

Pito R (mx) wrote: Why r u fake crying? I felt like screaming at the mom who cried over the dumbest questions or at the oddest moments. I guess she believed or the director did, that it was her strongest attribute, well they were wrong. The little girl was pretty terrible also, Jake Lloyd (Phantom Menace) terrible. I had hopes for this one.

Ming Siu G (au) wrote: Lovely little movie.

Leon B (br) wrote: Review:This is your everyday tale of a teenager growing up with weird surroundings. We have seen this type of storyline many times before, but the unique thing about this storyline is the fact the leading character is being brought up by a goat man. There is enough in the plot to make the story interesting, but I did fall asleep a few times during the movie because the leading character seemed pretty dull with not much personality. All of the surrounding characters in the movie, especially Duchovny, have strange life's with much going on, which the young teenager has to deal with, along with college life and a alcoholic room mate. Personally, I was hoping for a something a bit different than the norm, but there isn't enough to make this movie stand out from different movies in this genre. Watchable! Round-Up:If this movie had a leading character with better screen charisma, then it wouldn't have been to bad. Even if they would have taken out the leading character, it had enough substance to be a different type of movie. Anyway, for me, it is Duchovny that makes this film, but the disappointing thing is that he is not in it that much. We are just watching a boy become a man who had to make some difficult choices, like every teenager nowadays. Budget: $5millionWorldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into there dramas about a teenager growing up with strange surroundings. 4/10

David U (ru) wrote: The Girl from the Naked Eye (My First "F") A Written Reflection in the Form of the 7 Stages of Grief1. Shock & DenialWhen I began this site, I made a promise with myself that I would never write a failing review. No matter the quality of the film, I would always find at least one factor which would redeem the abysmal film in some slight way. Two times I came incredibly close to giving the dreaded grade, but was pulled away at the very last second for finding the slightest form of redemption. For the 2011 anti-romantic comedy Something Borrowed, I reasoned that despite it being easily the worst film of the year, John Krasinski was decent enough in a supporting role to not fail it, though even he was mediocre. For this year's French arthouse-turned-absolutely-intoleratible-self-indulgence Pater debacle, I decided that Alain Cavalier, the director, had an ambitious enough premise that absolute failure was mildly understandable. I was also briefly tempted with the beyond abysmal sequel Piranha 3DD, but the quick tangents with Paul Scheer and Vhing Rhames were entertaining enough; in comparison with comedy legends such as Mel Brooks and the Marx Brothers in comparison to the film surrounding it. 2. Pain & GuiltHowever, I realize a little over a year later that this was a promise I could never keep. At some point in time, I would finally watch a film with absolutely no redemptive qualities; the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the barrel, and I can only be grateful it took so long to reach this point. With great sadness and great disappointment, let me bring you to the subject of this admittedly downright depressing review. From director David Yen, the man who just crushed my dreams, comes the neo-noir The Girl from the Naked Eye; the worst film ever reviewed on the site, and a serious contender for the worst film I've ever seen. One reason why movies such as Something Borrowed and Pater were relieved of their failing marks, was because of their, no matter how slight, ambition and creativity. In fact, as mentioned before, Pater's ambition was its only redeeming value. However, Ren's film has none. Homage is something that can work for a film's advantage, but cannot be the only driving force for a film. 3. Anger & BargainingThat's the remark I would like to use to explain the film's endless spree of massacring both iconic and lesser known action sequences, and even plot points, by creating an ugly collage of awful recreations. The film functions as if Robert Rodriguez was given permanent brain trauma, and was then immediately abducted by the North Korean government and forced to remake Sin City with a cast of non-actor locals for an audience that didn't understand the concept of human interaction. In fact, if Rodriguez revealed in an interview that he had been struck in the head with a blunt object and couldn't remember anything for two weeks, I'd call up David Ren and thank the brave man for taking the brutal blow in his career to keep Rodriguez's good name afloat. Bizarre tangent aside, Yen's film is nothing more than a crudely shot, crudely directed mess of crudely scripted scenes acting crudely like crude characters. Why I possibly chose to watch this terrible movie, I can't remember. If I write this sprawling essay, will my memories of the film disappear? Will they? 4. Depression, Reflection, and LonelinessThe very fact that I chose to watch this movie; what does that say about myself? Despite the multiple excellent films playing at our local movie theater right now, I chose to spend my $11.95 on a film with the title The Girl from the Naked Eye. I knew going in, just with the awful title alone, that this was going to be a terrible film, but why see it anyway? Prometheus, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Bernie: All acclaimed films playing around the same time at the same exact movie theater. It's my own fault my self-made promise was broken; not David Ren, not the actors, not Robert Rodriguez for inspiring David Ren. Also, why even review this terrible movie if I didn't want any F's to be on the site. I just watched the new Pixar movie Brave yesterday, why wouldn't I review that instead. Why wouldn't I review That's My Boy instead; it was mediocre, but better than this. I was probably the only person in America idiotic enough to watch this over anything else. I'm the only one who feels the pain of viewing The Girl from the Naked Eye in an empty theater. I'm completely alone...5. The Upward TurnOr maybe I'm not. Maybe others, like me, watched the film hoping it would give cheesy popcorn entertainment like I did. Maybe there's someone out there who paid $11.95 for it too. It played on 200 screens on the weekend of its release, so just maybe I'm not alone.6. ReconstructionLet me apologize for going off on a couple of offbeat tangents, and return to the main review. The problems aren't only due to director David Ren, but also the script itself. Written by lead actor Jason Yee and Larry Madill, it's admittedly difficult for a director of any pedigree to turn a script as much as a frog as this into a prince of a screenplay. The script frequently calls for bizarre tonal shifts, unnecessary narration, and the previously mentioned ripoffs from superior films. The film itself is a complete mess, but only because the script itself is most likely far worse. Ren probably did his best with the material that was given, which sadly, wasn't really anything special, and was actually downright horrible. More so, it's Yee and Madill who sabotaged the film; Ren was the unlucky schmuck who got stuck with it.7. Acceptance & HopeAfter writing this far more through examination than the film itself probably deserved, I've realized something very important: Failure is inevitable. Whether you're a director who understands he signed onto the wrong project, and maybe should've fine tuned his skills before directing in the first place, or a film blogger who desires to find redemption in everything; failure is inevitable. Sometimes in life, we're just going to drop the ball on a project, or stumble into the wrong theater. But, what's important is how we react to that failure. I'm positive David Ren is going to go pick up a video camera as soon as possible to try again, and I'll be the first one at the screening to watch his improvement before my eyes. And I'm going to make a greater effort not to watch anymore terrible movies for the site, and have the next set of reviews be only A's and B's. We shouldn't grief about failure, only learn from our mistakes, and continue living.Grade: A Very Special "F"

cli o (jp) wrote: not thanks not my thing

Kevin C (kr) wrote: Very good documentary thats a bit loose and unstructured. The shots are ridiculously amazing though so even for people like me who don't ski its damn entertaining.

Kris L (ag) wrote: Very typical Japanese comic-style commedy. It's funny and makes you laugh. Yet, you can still appreciate the tradition of Maiko.

Anusan K (kr) wrote: simbu sucks hes nuting but a hory bastard

Thomas B (au) wrote: A true story of a gay author living in Cuba and his life's struggles.

Jim L (fr) wrote: This director makes films very well and has a very original style. The plot to this one is not really as entertaining as his Pusher trilogy films. This is quite grim, but does have it's 'funny' moments. It is a gritty and real-life portrayal of two main character's lives. Pretty cool film, somehow. Refn uses the same three actors from the Pusher trilogy. Kim Bodnia gives another fantastic and very believable performance. The four stars are mainly for the acting. Don't watch if you want to be entertained in a Hollywood way.

MF J (ru) wrote: This documentary is somehow fascinating because it shows a minority being able to express itself through Voging, fashion, makeup, attitudes and friendships. The ball seems to be the only place in the world where these people find a way to express who they are inside. The gallery of characters interviewed is colorful to say the least and it's definitely the type of documentary where everyone can relate to one of the stories, gay , straight, or whatever you call yourself. The inner battles lived by these flamboyant characters echoes too well the many struggles that most people go through in life which makes the film, even more endearing. I wish there was a little more place for the Voguing numbers but overall the film is a story of classic, cult, underground treat that has inspired countless other artists to explore and push the boundaries.

Damin F (ag) wrote: Cruda, real, es realmente el toque de Aki Kaurismaki. En este caso por primera vez la venganza toma terreno.

kimward428 (fr) wrote: My all time favorite movie. I love the part Shelly Long plays, she is witty, funny even has a sense of humor when returning from the dead.

Chad W (de) wrote: I find it difficult to write about "Vagabond." The title character Mona is cinematically brought back to life from a gruesome scene of her dead frozen body lying in a ditch by jumping back two weeks in time. But Mona isn't really a person you get to know. In the two elliptical weeks we know her for, we aren't given any real concrete answers as to why she is alone, homeless, or why she prefers things this way. As people meet her they ask similar questions, to which she just indifferently replies with affirmations of their expectations, "'sure', that's what you want to hear, right?" Her character is so indifferent to the inquiries made by others that, as an audience, we can't help but feel her indifference is also directed toward us.So what's it about then? What makes "Vagabond" worth while? Well, this is why I find writing about "Vagabond" difficult. Agnes Varda didn't give me much to grasp onto in her film regardless of my efforts. I feel that if I was filmed while viewing "Vagabond," an outside viewer would have a more firm grasp on who I am as person than I ever did about Mona. Yet, Mona really leaves an impression that I still want to place. Perhaps this sense of confusion is what "Vagabond" is ultimately about? The film is a murder mystery after all. Sure, we know right from the start how Mona died, we know it wasn't murder committed by anyone specific and we know the lifestyle, which lead to her end, was her choice. But this doesn't stop us from asking why she died. What gave her the drive to stick to this hard lifestyle avoiding offers of a stable, safe, life? Varda never gives an answer but she did give me something....The final moments of Vagabond are exactly what you would expect. We see Mona, her movements are slow and stiff, she's wrapped in a small blanket, I swear I can hear her teeth clatter while she shuffles her feet across the hard ground of the frozen vineyard. Mona falls, her limbs are so frozen that she can't even lift herself. There isn't a hint of regret or fear on her face, she has no words of wisdom, she's far from a vague utterance of "rosebud." Mona dies just like she lived, in the moment. I can't think of another death in film that has effected me so, I want so badly to pull Mona out of that ditch, yes, I know how stupid that sounds. Then I realize every person Mona comes across attempts to pull her out of that ditch, but unlike her halfhearted answers to personal inquiries, and human relationships, that ditch is the only truth we will ever know of Mona.

Michael W (ru) wrote: Super fun comedy with all the makings of a classic and the allure of a nice old sleeper. If you haven't seen it, hunt it down and indulge in some dumb old comedy. Great for a really late night movie.

Michael T (fr) wrote: Bloody, trashy, low-budget drive-in movie fun.

Steve S (ag) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Jason M (us) wrote: Feels similar to the first but it's about as good.