Sunder, head over heels for Radha, does not realize that Radha actually loves Gopal. The torrid love triangle between these three lifelong friends grows more complicated as the years go by.

Sunder Khanna is an orphan and lives a poor lifestyle in India. He is friendly with wealthy Gopal Verma, the only child of Judge Verma; and a wealthy girl named Radha, who is the daughter ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sangam torrent reviews

Eliabeth M (ag) wrote: This was a cute movie

B C (kr) wrote: Being from Cape Breton this movie really hits home with its Maritime/sea theme - and along with the tragic storyline - and rich storytelling (also a big part of my culture) - I fell in love... The story is about two women who share a loss - the girl the loss of her boyfriend to a motorcycle accident - the elder woman the loss of her lover many decades prior. The girl comes to the island with her mother to "heal" from the trama she's suffered (I believe they were both in the accident - but its been a while since I watched this one) and she meets an elderly neighbour who is able to "get through to her" through the telling of a story that seems more of a fairytale/legend about the island they are on and its terrible "curse" linked to its Maritime lore. I found this story to be very moving and very beautiful. The acting was good overall fairly - Kirsten Dunst is in this one - but her acting is a bit pre-mature (but ok) - I'd recommend you watch this one and form your own opinions... its a bit of a hidden gem for me...

Brett W (jp) wrote: Essentially cool in concept and deed, very unconventional narrative kind of holds it back.

lisa s (ru) wrote: thought it was cleverer than it was the film was a mess

Kong M (ca) wrote: a perfect final masterpiece which was amazing because it doesnt seem to be aiming for some sort of fame or breakthrough achievement, but is focused purely on presenting true japanese culture, especially the level of respect towards the elders. I also liked the fact that this movie is very different from most of its peers as it does not project a melancholic, sentimalized or negative perspective on the 'later stages of life' but instead every single character embraces life and death with down-to-earth humour. the Sensei continues to 'mentor' his ex-students with his unconventional wisdom and creative pecularities and his own students not only accepted him for being eccentric but find him a powerful inspiration that doesnt fade with time. What makes this movie timeless: - The level of companionship, collective happiness and mutual feelings exhibited from 'Mada-dai' party will be one of the most memorable happy scenes from a movie that I will forever cherish. - A superb presentation of traditional Japanese culture: loyalty towards the elders, serene lifestyle, consideration towards other people, communial events etc that is, to date, stronger than any other movies I have come across (it even surpassed Omehido Poro Poro in this respect)- the role of Kyoko -- portraying an ideal traditional Japanese okusan who encompasses all aspects of deferential, formal, polite, sweet, elegant, noble, the repository of hospitality, the hearth, loyalty, goodness, patience, steadfastness of her role as a woman to her husband and to the society. Her silent, restraint but energetic and passionate acting performance provides solid support to the rest of the cast, despite a mere few conversational lines. The only thing lacking is the maternal aspect of her role as they did not bore children.- The lonely aspects of ageing: A large portion of the film was focused on the highs-and-lows drama involving their home cat, which also reveal sensei's vulnerability towards emotional wrecking. This is very realistic as they did not have children. - the students and the neighbour. I have never seen such commitment in whatever they intended to carry out to help fulfil other's wishes. The neighbour's thoughtful decisions reflected the same attitude displayed by real-life japanese in the aftermath of the Quake/Tsunami crisis today. - the sensei's unique outlook on life and his fire for living; I have watched way too many similar movies where the ageing, dying characters were overcome by the fact of death that they literally stopped living.- the songs or chantings were too good to forget

Drake D (nl) wrote: An average movie that had decent humor, a great beginning leading to a lackluster second half. A nice movie to watch once a year.

Anna B (it) wrote: All of Jordan's shortcomings stuffed into one irritating, unfunny, painfully stupid package; the broad, juvenile comedy; the yelling and screaming in place of drama; the hysterically fluctuating tone. And none of his good qualities are there to balance it out. The romance between Hannah and Guttenberg is one of the worst things I've ever seen in a movie.

Dinh V (gb) wrote: oh lordy back when i was a kid this movie was what was available for pre-teens

Bill K (ru) wrote: This wasn't bad but I didn't quite understand the ending.

Jason E (ca) wrote: A surrealistic artistic expression that seems meaningful but is really just a bunch of beautiful, disturbing, and confusing nonsense

Lars P (au) wrote: Jude Law is no Dom Hemingway, otherwise the movie is entertaining.