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Sangre torrent reviews

Lola M (nl) wrote: Quite humourous right from the get go. I especially enjoyed the ending.

Gavin W (ag) wrote: Great British gangster film.

Kelly D (es) wrote: Volver: Un Smbolo de Mujeres FuertesVolver es una pelcula diriga por Pedro Almodvar en Espaa en 2006. Es una pelcula del gnero comedia dramtica. Volver trata de un situacin de las mujeres en una familia en Espaa. La pelcula tiene personajes principals con personalidades grandes. Una personaje principale es Raimunda, la hija de Irene, la hermana de Paula y Sol, y la madre de Paula. El Padre de Raimunda la viol, por lo tanto, Paula es la hija y la hermana de Raimunda. Paco es el esposo de Raimunda. l es tacao, raro, y cruel. En la trama de Volver, los vecinos de Ta Paula piensan ella est loca porque piensan que ella habla con fantasmas, pero "el fantasma" en realidad es Irene. Ellas piensan que Irene muri en un incenido, por esa razn, todas piensan que Irene es un fantasma. Volver es una pelcula importante porque representa mujeres fuertes en toda la trama. Por ejemplo, Raimunda pudo protege a la nia, Paula, del abuso de Paco. Tambin, Irene representa una mujer valiente cuando ella prende fuego la casa cuando encontr que su esposo era infiel. Paula es una mujer fuerte cuando ella apuala a Paco cuando l intent de violar a ella. Por lo general, las mujeres en la pelcula protectan la familia y en el juntan en el final, Augustina es diagnosticada con cncer y ellas reunieron a el hospital y amor el uno al otro. Yo recomendo la pelcula para las mujeres porque empodera a las mujeres por lo general. Un crtica de Volver es que es un poco aburrida y las mujeres estn un pequeno locas.

Manolo P (ca) wrote: This movie was really nice to watch. Exciting, entertaining and also stressful and creepy like a movie of this kind should be.

Katherine J (gb) wrote: This movie is so funny.

Ben T (kr) wrote: Amazing shots of birds flying isn't enough to get past the fact that...well, there's really nothing more to the movie than that.

Horacio R (us) wrote: The film noir VO in a story that takes place in a bright and dusty Texas town in the 1920's, then shot like a western, just did not work. All the elements were disjointed.

Tash O (gb) wrote: Wonderful crime spiff... John Candy at his very best!

Vincent P (fr) wrote: Some good moments but the film moves along about as fast as Boggy Creek itself.

Paul n (jp) wrote: Need a tipping infomercial in the film

Caitlin K (us) wrote: I thought the movie was quite innovative and, though it did have its flaws, overall a great movie. Especially compared to some of the zombie movies I've seen. The graphic interludes were simplistic yet still artistic and seemed to mesh well with the movie itself. Character development was very well done. Though I did wish for slightly more dramatic silences to help the protagonists character build up rather than some of the third person narration, I don't feel that this issue caused any major flaw to the movie. While this movie would be a disappointment for someone looking for scenes filled with massive amounts of gore and blood, I believe that anyone looking for a realistic, innovative, deeper view on the aftermath of a zombie outbreak would love this movie as much as I did.