Sangre derramada

Sangre derramada


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Steven D (ca) wrote: Biggest piece of shit ever

Eric P (mx) wrote: CGI wasn't ready for this yet. Neither was my time.

Luke B (br) wrote: This film means I no longer feel bad about how many films I watch. It's a rather depressing tale about how far obsessions really can go, but also how they can comfort those with mental disorders. Clearly there's some debate as to what is normal. The people themselves justify their actions by saying that normal is just what everybody else is like, and who wants to be like everyone else. While this is certainly true, there are limits. They live on the cheap, have very few social skills, and even plan their diets to make sure their bathroom stops are predictable. There are some genuinely sad moments, such as Roberta's reaction to being comforted about the horses dying. She seems genuinely taken aback and devastated when she is told "They weren't really hurt, it's just a movie." "Why would you say that?" comes her response "You can't suspend disbelief for everything else and not that.". We also hear testimony about her physically attacking a woman that tore her ticket stub. When it reaches a point that dreams are films and nightmares are on video, and saying that sex with real people would be disappointing because it wouldn't be in black and white, it all gets a bit sad. Cinema should be an escape from life, these people need a life to escape cinema.

Frederick M (kr) wrote: An excellent movie about Jews setting up a theatre company in a Lithuanian ghetto.

Ale V (fr) wrote: Amo a Don Rutilio, es EL personaje

Micah T (kr) wrote: Freeman's dialogue really makes this movie. It started his legacy of making things happen in other movies as well.

Trent R (ag) wrote: This combines most of the hilarious and enjoyable things about the `70s: Metal, wizardry, massive stunts, dune buggies, magic, muscle cars, and a general lack of self-conscious restraint. That said, it's best enjoyed with a group, with the hugely enjoyable commentary track on, or both.The genuine, fun commentary track features director Trenchard-Smith, star turned teacher Margaret Gerard and legendary stuntman Grant Page, (Mad Max, Roadgames). Trenchard-Smith is self-deprecating as always, explaining his filmmaking policy as, "When in doubt, blow it up or at least set it on fire." There is also the fun of seeing `70s Los Angeles, with Grant Page dangling over La Brea Avenue, swinging from the Hollywood sign, and generally jackassing around town.Hilarious `70s stage Magic/Metal act Sorcery, a bunch of fully committed loons in wizard/demon costumes throwing fire and performing prop magic in a display that no club today would ever allow. Sorcery is too prominently featured for my taste, but the commentary eliminates the drag in the longer of their musical numbers.The disc also features an understandably worn print of the excellent documentary The Stunt Men. A very fun stunt primer with plenty of behind-the-scenes content and real danger. This dvd isn't quite the value that the R4 2-disc versions of Deathcheaters and Man From Hong Kong are, but it is perhaps a more amusing intro for American fans.