Sangre y arena

Sangre y arena

Juan is a young Spanish man whose dream is to become one of the famous toreros. When he was caught making an illegal (and in fact for the real torero life endangering) night bullfight with ...

Juan is a young Spanish man whose dream is to become one of the famous toreros. When he was caught making an illegal (and in fact for the real torero life endangering) night bullfight with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gaspar O (ag) wrote: I knew nothing about this going in, but I figured it was gonna be another idiotic pile of crap with a few sporadic laughs and maybe a bit o' gore. I was very pleasantly surprised to see it actually had real people in it and the laughs were often. It's still quite dumb, but pretty good for what it is, and very funny. Big extra half star for James and his vase!

Nick M (de) wrote: Thoroughly entertaining and hilarious.

Jeannette S (ca) wrote: In general, this is an exciting, smooth blend of fact and legend about one of my favorite saints, Patrick, who is mainly responsible for the almost completely peaceful conversion of the Irish Celts to Christianity in a relatively short period of time.Having said that, I do have a couple of technical criticisms of this film, however:1. Historically, Patrick's father was a deacon of the Catholic/Christian Church, and his grandfather was a priest. (Clerical celibacy was not a required Church discipline in the Latin Rite, at this point.) This film portrays Patrick's father as being against his son's vocation to Holy Orders. So, this does not make sense, given the family's strong tradition with this particular sacrament.2. There is a depiction of what might be viewed as the violation of the seal of the confessional, which has NEVER occurred in the 2,000 years of Catholic Christianity. (Priests may not reveal anything they hear in the exercise of the sacrament of Reconciliation--Confession or Penance--even when threatened with death. Such a violation would result in automatic and immediate excommunication from the Church. Many priests have gone to prison or to their deaths rather than violate this seal.) According to Patrick's own CONFESSION, a friend did betray him somehow, but Patrick never says exactly how the friend did so. We can safely assume, I think, that it had nothing to do with the sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation/Penance.In spite of these two points, this is a great film to watch annually on or around St. Patrick's Day! Then, read THE CONFESSION OF ST. PATRICK to fill in the gaps.

Brian P (es) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

Kaspars R (fr) wrote: Loved the story, but wasn't so much amazed about the movie.

Bryan G (ag) wrote: I laughed a few times like when Ernest was chewing the pen and it leaked in his mouth. Also Ernest trying to break out of jail was somewhat amusing. Besides that Ernest getting electrocuted was to stupid, even for a movie like this.

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Becky B (br) wrote: One of my top ten movies: action with comedy AND sci fi...once again SciFi on RT is just not appreciated. Come on voters represent.

Luke M (us) wrote: Billy Bob Thornton's masterfully acted, written and directed Sling Blade will simultaneously break your heart and reaffirm your faith in Hollywood passion projects.

Jake P (ca) wrote: Wimbledon loses a couple of sets to an all to familiar opponent of the romantic comedy, the cliche, but the chemistry between leads & the good-hearted nature of the whole endeavor is a grand slam.