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Sankoch torrent reviews

Anne M (gb) wrote: No classic but still a good film

Carla R (it) wrote: Pitt was great, as usual. Jonah Hill was awesome, surprisingly. See it.

Monny M (jp) wrote: Watched this a while ago. If I remember correctly, it was pretty good.

Phil D (us) wrote: Ok british gangster film very violent for a 15 happy that temper part got a shotgun 2 chest well done girl could of been so much better with better acting but was a small budget film.Rise of the footsoldiers much better even thou a couple of actors in that film was in this as well.

Kevin S (ru) wrote: Totally recommended! very diverse film with plottwists and no real drop in the action

Marvin M (nl) wrote: Buff Ting! (classic)

P D (gb) wrote: Take the voice of J. Peterman from Seinfeld, the racial proclivities of Dog the Bouty Hunter, a slew of animals with a perilous fate, a buxom young lady and throw them into a jungle with a poorly devised script and a director repeatedly willing to cross bounds of tackiness in cinematic desperation and the nearly unwatchable result will be The Man from Deep River. Whenever the plot starts to sputter there is an abrupt injection of some beastial evisceration, tribesmen running with spears, or a topless Pantene commercial. Great for those with the attention span of a four-year old, but with questionable refinement. Loved the king cobra vs mongoose scene and the wife selection ceremony. Boy have we come along way since the seventies.

Sergio O (br) wrote: There always an endearing quality to Ed Wood's films. Better than a lot of junk that's supposed to be better.

Brian V (ru) wrote: I wish I would have seen this film before the "teacher goes to school with delinquint kids, struggles for a while then finally gets through to them with a unique approach" plot was done to death. It does have the benefit of being original for its time, dealt with racism, provoked riots across the country as well as launched Bill Haley and The Comets to stardom. This is a dated yet highly-significant film.

Gregory W (it) wrote: good stuff good drama all star cast

Della E (ca) wrote: one of the best Story-Reveal films ever

Adam C (mx) wrote: Fascinating and very clever Levinson's debut makes each man identify with at least one of the characters.