Sans rancune!

Sans rancune!

A seventeen yr old Laurent finds himself in a school for war heroes children. His french teacher is also his missing WW2 fighter pilot father.

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  • Release:2009
  • Language:French
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1955, un internat en Belgique. Laurent Matagne, 17 ans, croit discerner sous l'identité de son professeur de français surnommé "Vapeur", son père disparu lors d'un raid aérien pendant la guerre 40. Vapeur est excentrique, mystérieux, inquiétant, brillant, et il communique vite à Laurent sa passion pour la littérature, au point de susciter chez lui une vocation d'écrivain. Matagne et son ami Boulette décident de mener l'enquête. Alors qu'ils échafaudent un plan pour confondre Vapeur, Matagne s'attèle à son premier roman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kannanunni K (jp) wrote: cool to watch.. but not that interesting

Eytan D (kr) wrote: "Alpha Dog", like "Thirteen", is a terrifying portrait of broken, damaged teens who succumb to a world of sex, drugs, and crime. It's hard to watch this one completely due to how violent and emotionally intense it can be, but it's definitely illuminating.

Maverick G (es) wrote: A funny action comedy that really works

Post G (fr) wrote: Fascinating movie. Gary Oldman is excellent, as is the direction, although it is a little rough at times. The overall structure and writing are perhaps a little to blame for this, and the flashbacks don't quite work, in my opinion. My Beautiful Laundrette works better as a film, but Prick Up Your Ears perhaps aims higher, and does have some wonderful scenes. I'm still unsure about Alfred Molina's performance. It's certainly overacted, but perhaps that is what the part requires, in light of the slightly shallowly-written character.

Judge L (us) wrote: Was much better when I was a kid.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Decent start to the franchise. Lots of actions. Lots of violence. Little plot. Couldn't ask for much more.