Santa Claus

Santa Claus

The film follows a talented toymaker uncovering the mysterious kingdom where he has a chance to become Santa Claus with special powers. Unfortunately, a wicked elf has a scheming to change his mission and takes over Christmas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul K (br) wrote: Another wee fable about being old - these are very appealing these days! Unlike 'The Great Beauty' watched recently, this is a low-key, largely straight narrative, focusing on the central character's inner process and outward journey. A pleasure to watch.

Anna B (br) wrote: The more I think about this movie, the more I realize what a terrible, gorgeous anti-WikiLeaks propaganda it was. It's so painfully obvious from how they portray Julian as a creepy, lying, immoral, hair-bleaching "other," to how noble and selfless the government is in just trying to protect their sources. Daniel, our viewer insert, is seduced by Julian's promises but in the end sees the light and not only rejects WikiLeaks, but actively destroys it - as we should. It's beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes.

Tim M (it) wrote: A low budget London zombie comedy. It's no Shaun of the Dead, but the heist and geriatrics adds fun elements.

Jos A (nl) wrote: y is it called "under the bombs" and not "after the bombs"?

Amy P (de) wrote: I saw this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, MI. It's a beautiful film.

Jeff O (kr) wrote: Pretty good for an Asylum flick, which isn't saying too much. Admittedly, the plot is nonexistant, the acting is awful, the writing is terrible, and the story is derivative of everything ever. Also, the use of projectile vomit got old pretty quickly.

Raphael Y (es) wrote: Filme bem interessante sobre um dos casos mais polmicos dos anos 80. Se verdade ou mentira ningum nunca vai saber, mas esse final aberto funciona bem. O filme tinha potencial para bem mais, mas a presena de Irons e Close j so um timo motivo para ver ou rever o filme.

Conner R (ca) wrote: John Cusak's stash is the funniest thing i've seen on a human being. This movie is another 80's stoner movie and if you don't enjoy those then you probably won't like this. It does have a lot of heart and Mike Myers pretty much stole this idea for Wayne's World and gets ZERO credit.

Julie K (jp) wrote: You can't get much better then this. Not easy to watch, cried a few times, but loved it. I hope to see more good things from this Director.

Bryan G (us) wrote: The second film was bad and this was even worse. How can you do a Smokey and The Bandit without it's stars. Even though bandit shows up in a flashback for a second, this film is totally lame, don't waste your time or money. Don't see this!!

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Great spy thriller from the UK co-written by Emeric Pressburger about a group of British agents during WWII assigned to pose as Nazi scientist in order to stop the German's rocket testing and bomb manufacturing site. A cool opening, some good sequences throughout, and a really exciting ending. It's kind of funny that Sophia Loren gets second billing and only appears in it for about 10 minutes. I'd never heard of this film before so I'm glad I stumbled upon it, great entertainment.

Michael B (gb) wrote: I love marilyn in this film, she's so young.

Scott M (us) wrote: De Niro is actually a passable, REASONABLY book-accurate version of the monster. The rest of the movie is a mess. Also, Kenneth Branagh steals like 400 gallons of amniotic fluid via half-filled buckets. That lab must have been rather pleasant smelling.

Gregg A (ru) wrote: A movie written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn? It stars Christopher Lee, Roddy McDowell, Eli Wallach, and David Carradine?!?!? Where do I sign up??? Well halfway into this mess I was asking if I could take my name off the sign up list. This thing is a bore and a mess. David Carradine is VErrrry good in it though. For the Lee completist only. All others AVOID.