Santa vs. Doctor Death

Santa vs. Doctor Death


Masked Mexican wrestler and superhero Santo plays private investigator, called in by government officials to investigate the mysterious vandalism of a high profile painting. With the help of his two counterparts, he uncovers the truth behind an art collector/chemist who may be murdering female models. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Santa vs. Doctor Death torrent reviews

Tim G (mx) wrote: One of the best movies I have seen in awhile, grim but so involving and realistic (as far as movies go) - especially an ending that rings true.

Tim K (fr) wrote: Ted Mosby hitting on a younger girl and has second thoughts? Stop me if you've seen this before. It wasn't that bad but I wanted something less predictable.

Ravan Florentin P (au) wrote: cool plot, not so cool characters and dialog

Eliabeth M (ca) wrote: Two character performances still shine after re-watching the doomed Eragon movie. 1) The dragon Saphira: Still impressive in design and movement. Voice acting by Rachel Weisz was "ehh". 2) Durza, the Shade: Menacing performance by Robert Carlyle (Rumpelstiltskin aka The Dark One, ABC's Once Upon a Time). He embraced the role fully. They couldn't save the failings of the story and rest of the production.

Aaron S (ru) wrote: This is by far the most random movie I have ever seen...

Alex K (mx) wrote: My Favorite Action Film Is 1988's Die Hard.

Brendan R (gb) wrote: I think Ali's emotionalism was well played and accurately reflected a child's fixation on what otherwise might be a small problem and his resolve to fix it himself even to the point of ignoring his own success when it failed to solve the problem.

Ty P (it) wrote: Apart from Geoffrey Rush's superb portrayal of David Helfgott, this film is really quite flat and filled with holes, and leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Although not as good, Noah Taylor and Armin Mueller-Stahl do fabulous interpretations of their characters also, but apart from the acting, this film moved me very little.

Eric N (br) wrote: Pretty pitiful, I'm sorry to say, because I love the SNL sketches like crazy. There's hardly any sign of any laughs here and the dramatic aspects are pretty flat except at the end. The concept is just flawed. Could've been saved with a few more SNL alumni (there's only 1!! how did they not cast any comedian actors??) in cameo rolls.

Edward C (ru) wrote: Walker's poor reception makes me seriously doubt the aesthetic faculties of the so-called critic. But Canby of the NYT got it right at the time. Read his review. This is a brilliant, funny, merciless satire of American values as they relate to South America (and, perhaps, further into our country's shameful imperial reach).

Kyle M (br) wrote: At times funny with a cleverly written script, formulaic points and appealing cast, but it's also affective as in you'll feel Mason's character's stress levels. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Tim K (ag) wrote: it's nice to watch every now and then but it's not great

Samuel M (us) wrote: Drama carcelario que muestra como pocas que las presos son personas normales, con sentimientos y aspiraciones. Y es aqu donde reside su punto fuerte, en el hecho de que la mayora de sus personajes, por muy histrinicos que puedan parecer, se sienten como personas reales y no peones funcionales para la trama.Jack O' Connell vuelve a destacar como un actorazo a tener en cuenta, entre un elenco que podra estar a la altura, sobretodo por Ben Mendelsohn que tambin est fantstico.Un film duro y tenso que consigue hacer que te preocupes por sus personajes.

Jude P (au) wrote: There's no guarantee that you will get caught in the middle of the plot. Brilliant noir.

Chris H (jp) wrote: Cant stop watching these....theyre so good!

Johnson C (nl) wrote: At the first sight, through of similar to Leon, but its not.But the plot is quite simple, fit Jean's style.

Kevin P (au) wrote: Een droevige misdaad/actie/komedie die zelfs niet lijkt te weten wat voor film het zelf wilt zijn, wat nog erger gemaakt wordt door Vince Vaughn trieste toupet die hij draagt, en een rol voor de normaal uitstekende Hailee Steinfeld die zich hier kapot lijkt te vervelen. Je bent de film al vergeten voordat je ermee klaar bent !